How do I become a good singer?

I want to be able to sing really well. When I sing at the moment I have like no melody and it almost sounds as if I'm talking. My voice doesn't sound any different from when I talk haha. How do I do good vocals and go real soft and sweet when doing the high notes.


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  • Practice practice practice and then when you're tired of practicing practice some more


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  • If you haven't had any prior musical training, then you are probably tone deaf. I would suggest getting lessons or learning an instrument to help you be able to tell the difference of being in tune and out of tune and then go from there.

    I'm a singer and going to school for theatre with a musical theatre concentration. I've been singing since before I can remember, but I also learned a multitude of different instruments. I have a very good ear and I;m good at detecting when a note is flat or sharp. I can tune my instruments without a tuner as well. That really put me at an advantage when it came to learning how to sing better since I already knew what was in tune and what was out of tune.

    That's all the advice I have for you really besides maybe going on youtube and doing warm-ups and looking at different videos to help you. Still, it would be best to get a teacher to help you.


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  • Lmfao what @ColinHarvey said.

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  • If you have the voice, keep practicing and improve on your vocal skills. if you don't have the voice, find another talent. Sing to a stranger, they will probably give you an honest opinion about how good your singing is. Hopefully.

    • To tell you the truth. Sometimes when I practice I hit a good note and on the odd occasion I have good vocals. On one occasion a friend said "you know if you actually sang seriously and properly you would be good" but I was singing seriously hahaha. Anyway. If I knew HOW to do vocals etc then I'd be able to practice it's just I dunno how

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