Which of the following anime should I start watching first?

I need to start a new anime series. Below is a list of potential candidates. Don't bother recommending any others because I just picked a few that piqued my personal interest, but I can't choose which one to watch first.

- "Angel Beats"
- "Assassination Classroom"
- "Elfen Lied"
- "Kill La Kill"
- "Log Horizon"
- "Orange"
- "Psycho Pass"
- "The Devil is a Part Timer"
- "Akatsuki no Yona" ("Yona of the Dawn")

Anyone who has seen most or all of these anime, which one did you like best? If you can't decide between two, I might be willing to watch both at the same time lol.


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  • Hmm, I've watched quite a few of these and, to me, none of them were really like... Wow, y'know? In my opinion, Elfen Lied sucked and Angel Beats is meh. The Devil is a Part-Timer was nothing special. Of them all, I would probably go with Kill La Kill though

    • *though I haven't heard of Akatsuki no Yona so I can't say whether that one's worth trying :)

    • Thanks a lot! Kill La Kill seems like the most popular so far, so I'm leaning that way too.

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  • your in luck, I've watched almost all of these and can tell you exactly which you should pick.

    but first tell me what type of show your looking for? cause these are pretty different lol dark, sad, comedy, smart? give me something to go off of for you unless you just want a quick review of each

    • Just tell me which is the best quality in terms of plot and more importantly, characters. Ignore the genre, because I'm already watching a bit of everything.

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    • Same here. TWD and GoT are the only exceptions.


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  • I haven't seen any of those but I watched erased and really liked it

  • omg you got almost all of my favorite animes in there xDD I can't decide

    • Haha, yeah, I hear ya. The indecisiveness kills me sometimes
      I already made my decision though, I'm currently watching Kill La Kill, Angel Beats, and Yona of the Dawn. I also found another anime not on this list: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi, and I looooove it!

      ... I may have a problem lol

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    • I hope you're right, because I'm on episode 6 and it hasn't really made a connection with me yet :/

    • Hehehe just you wait~

  • I have only seen one of those


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