A guy who doesn't mind chick flicks and loves the romance in them... what do you think of him?


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  • I don't see anything wrong with a Guy liking chick flicks and romance in movies. Its definitely not common but my guess would be maybe he's one of those guys that are obsessed with women? Lol i know that sounds silly or maybe he just wants to look passed the fact that just cause its a chick flick it can still be a good movie. If that makes sense. He can just say, so what if i do like it. Forget you people that make fun of me lol jk. Besides if a Guy i like does like romance and chick flicks that's a + for him cause i know he wouldn't mind watching them with me lol. 😃

    • More like obsessed with the fantasy dream world of fairy tale love.

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    • Well I think it would honestly be them having mental problems

    • Haha right, cause i can't think of any other explanation.


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  • Sweet

  • Can be girl good friend we could hang out & watch chick flick together lol

    • But isn't it a romantic thing wouldn't you both just suddenly fall in love watching chick flicks?

    • Yeah could happen

    • I mean you can be the best of the best of friends and not break but seriously that's I would fall in love with the girl I'm watching with

  • Not really out of the ordinary

    • All of my guy friends dislike it and I'm the only one who likes them...

    • But it's not hard to come by. And anyway you're under 18 so these boys will be trying to seem all macho, some of them probably do like these types of films.