Have you seen this video?

Proud to be Dutch.

The disabled politician (Jetta klijnsma) was on a Dutch talkshow called Jinek. She laughed and said she thought that it was the best video ever.

This is why I love the Netherlands. We mock ourselves and all have a great laugh about it while most people whine (like donald trump).


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  • I've seen this,
    Who is doing the trump impersonation is that Alec Baldwin?
    And yeah with the collapse of the EU, Nato is the only thing preventing Europeans from going back to their natural state of killing the shit out of each other in petty wars.

    • Not sure actually, I still enjoyed it though haha

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    • So is it Alec Baldwin?

    • It's not.

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  • I've visited the Netherlands before, amazing country with lovely people, Amsterdam is definitely better than Paris or M√ľnich, I'm planning to visit again.

    • Glad you enjoyed your stay! Amsterdam is almost always related to weed culture- but we have great art museums ns historical sites there too!

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    • Dank je, I'll note that. Maybe next time. :)

    • Thanks for the mho

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  • Nope, but the Netherlands is an awesome country indeed. I really want to visit and have many friends there

  • Still proud to be American #1 nation in the world.

  • I wish I can visit since I love weed but... since so many issues.. with people of a certain religion which mainly come from my race.. it makes it hard. I always wanted to visit Europe but I guess that won't happen anytime soon. Fml

    • Europe's great tho. 10/10 recommend. I love living here and don't want to live elsewhere.

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