In how much time can you learn chess?

I know all the basics and some openings, some good defending in the beggining, but after that I simply make huge mistakes, like really huge, I don't pay attentin to some pieces, I only have one plan in mind and focus only on it, never change it... I'm loosing every game so far, and it's frustrating, but I like chess and I simply don't know what to do, if I play some more games and I'll loose, I'll just be like "F**k it" and play again maybe in some years


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  • Get a good book on tactics and examine them.

    Or after each move, run a check. Most tactics require the simultanous attack of two points. See if there are any squares he can move to that attacks two things at once.

    Also, look at his last move, and determine every where that piece can now move to.

  • It's all about strategy. Don't worry so much about your opponent's move as your counter to begin with. The more you play others you'll start to see the same moves and be able to make them move where you want..

  • You tube practice and maybe try playing it online with someone who will teach you