Is the novel A Game of Thrones any good?

I use to watch the show. I was wondering if the novel is worth reading 📖 as well. I got the audiobook for free on Audible.


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  • extremely good, easier to understand now that you've watched the show


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  • Yesssss!!! But push through the first 200 pages of book 1. Once you get to maybe 250 you are hooked. They are amazing. One of my favorite series out there.

    • That does not sound too good if I have to wait over 200 pages to get hooked

    • Well the beginning is setting the stage up for you. Plus you have Brans accident which pissed me off that they hurt a kid like that. Also you're getting flooded with characters that have similar names, each chapter is a new character so you're learning everyone still. So it would be easier for you since you followed the show. They are great though and really addictive. One of the only series that can make you hate a character so much and then have you cheering for them in the next. So good.

    • Well it's free so I will read it eventually


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  • Yes yes yes. It's a very good series and better than the show in my opinion.