Anyone have any good songs?

I've been listening to the same music lately. I need to mix it up. Any suggestions? I listen to all types of music.


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  • All types? Sounds good, how about this?

    • That was a beautiful song I like it.

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    • Nice. That's pretty cool. Yeah I like this a lot. Do you ever find yourself making words up to it?

    • Yeah, stuff like embracing the solitude of a forest clearing, the feel of the dewy grass under your feet, the cool refreshing air, and the moon consuming your being as you become one with your surroundings, and finaly fade away into a blissful slumber.

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  • If you like EDM/dubstep:
    -Forever or Nothing by NERVO & Savi
    -Light by San Holo
    -Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue
    - I'd Love to Change the World by Jetta
    -Farewell (Sauniks remix) by Spiffy Man
    -Tomorrow by Echos

    Just a few...

    • Nice I'll check them out later. Dubstep seems good.

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    • I like the light by san holo is good. Probably gonna be my favorite.

    • Here's a few others maybe you might like when you get a chance to check them out. Some of them have multiple remixes but I picked out my favs.
      -Dreams by Adventure Club
      -It's Alright (NGHTMRE Remix) by Tep No
      -Emotional by Flux Pavillion and Matthew Koma
      -Catch Me by Yellow Claw
      -Bullet Train by Stephen Swartz
      -Limitless by Adventure Club
      -Bring Back the Summer (Prismo Remix) by Rain Man
      -Runaway by Bright Lights and 3LAU
      -Be Together by Major Lazer
      -Running Wild (Jayceeoh Remix) by Morgan Page

  • Prince
    Michael Jackson
    Lady gaga
    T. I.
    Calvin Harris
    Electro music
    Latin music

  • Sam Hunt has really good songs.
    if ur into Arabic, listen to Lina Chamamyan, Carole Samaha, Adham Nabulsi...