Should Disney have the sole rights to the Superhero Genre of Movies?

I know it would be illegal. But hypothetically should Marvel be the only company allowed to make superhero movies? It has become clear to me that if DC, Image, or Valiant comics tried to make a movie it would be considered terrible, regardless of the movies quality. So should they just not try seeing as how people will only enjoy a superhero movie if it's Marvel.


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  • Anyone can make movies in this genre but they cannot appropriate characters that are copyrighted by others, unless they pay fees to the copyright holder.

    • Clearly there is no point. As people will only like a Superheri film if it's made by Marvel.


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  • There's been a decent amount of good dc movies as well. Then there's Spawn too and a few others that are out there. WB still does pretty well with superheroes as well

    • Personally I liked the Fox, Sony, and Paramount movies

    • It's the recent stuff that makes me nervous. It's like people feel that it's either part of the MCU or terrible.

    • I think they all have potential but they need better cast members and directors to be good

  • No. That russian superhero movie is very promising.

  • At this point, Disney needs to get off it's high horse is what it needs to do.