My best guy friend wants to have sex... should I?

My very best friends (he's a boy), we've been friends since pre K. Recently he said he wanted to have sex with me... I thought he was kidding and kinda just laughed. Then I found out later he was serious... He told me he wants me really badly, he's handsome and I do like him (But I don't want to date him) We're just really good friends. Should I do it? Could any harm come to our friendship if we did?

Also, what harm (If any) could come to our relationship? Would we stop being friends or something?


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  • Sex changes everything, even though it may not seem like it would. If you start having sex and things go well, then what? You're his booty call or friend with benefit. Then what if one of you gets a boyfriend or gf? Do you think you can just go back to being regular friends. What if things don't go well with the sex, do you know how awkward that would be afterwards.

    SO yea there is much harm that could be done.

    But hey if you're honestly the type of girl that will have sex with a guy just because he asks you, then feel free.

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      Could not have said it better