Why did he call me darling now???

Hey there, hope you help me out here guys!

I've posted before bout this crush of mine who comes into the restaurant I work in. He is a really nice guy, very genuine, handsome, I really really like him. We always have chats when he comes in, I only see him once a week. It started getting flirtatious, got very flirtatious! Then got awkward for a few weeks. Thought maybe he had lost interest. He came in today and when he ordered his food at the counter he called me "darling" in such a soft sweet way, never has done this before, has always called me by my name. He was back to his lovely smiley self, which was nice cos whatever what could happen I just really like talking to him. Anyway what does this darling mean, does it mean he just thinks of me as a friend? I've known him for over a year now and I'm just too shy to ask him out on a date. Any advice will be appreciated, thanks!

Any advice on the right signals I should be sending him would be greatly appreciated


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  • He may be married or already in a relationship. Ask him if he's seeing anyone. If he says no, write your number on a piece of paper and give it to him when you give him his check. If you do a lipstick kiss by your number it would be super hawt and just forward enough. Do it.


    • Reading your comment below to AshleyL confirms my opinion on my advise. See, its generally considered low-brow to ask a girl out when she is working - if you want to explore the possibilities with this guy, you have to be a little direct like I suggested.

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  • Just keep talking to him, and smile and be friendly. If he's interested in you, he'll get the hint and ask you out. Be as open with him as you can. The big thing you can do, is talk to him. That will let him know you are definitely interested in him.

  • Ok so you've known him for over a year now - to answer the darling part - something I personally do. By calling someone that I don't know very well but am interested in "darling" or "sweetie" I normally test the other side - if responsive I feel more relaxed and more open to further flirting - if not I understand that friends is what it is.

    Advise = call him something like "hey handsome" when you see him next time. This way you moving into a comfort/relaxing zone where you can do what "deadwait" said or just strike yourself by asking "Did you mention something about coffee? " - this way he's got options to get out of the conversation or move forward with making the offer.


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  • I wouldn't read too much into this just yet. You need to feel him out some more. I say smile at him some more, maybe when he gets his food next time, you could touch his hand when you are giving it to him. Physical contact is always a great way to flirt.

    • Thanks AshelyL!! There already has been physical contact on a few occasions, when he would walk by me once he put his hand on my back and said goodbye, another time when we were joking around he touched my arm several times.