Why did he call me darling now???

Hey there, hope you help me out here guys! I've posted before bout this crush of mine who comes into the restaurant I work in. He is a really nice guy, very genuine, handsome, I really really like him. We always have chats when he comes in, I only see him once a week. It started getting... Show More

Any advice on the right signals I should be sending him would be greatly appreciated

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  • He may be married or already in a relationship. Ask him if he's seeing anyone. If he says no, write your number on a piece of paper and give it to him when you give him his check. If you do a lipstick kiss by your number it would be super hawt and just forward enough. Do it.


    • Reading your comment below to AshleyL confirms my opinion on my advise. See, its generally considered low-brow to ask a girl out when she is working - if you want to explore the possibilities with this guy, you have to be a little direct like I suggested.