How do you know your best friend likes your boyfriend?

i really think my best friend like my boyfriend but I really don't know


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  • well a cupple months ago this happened to my girlfriend and i. her friend started liking me after her best friend and I have been texting for a while. she first started texting me to ask for help with guys and then well then both my girlfriend and I could sense that she was coming onto me. well we never confronted her friend about it I just stoped answering all her text msgs and didn't reply as much I started to ignore her and just basicly letting her know I'm not intrested.

    thats what happened to me. what's happing to you I'm sure is diffrent so ask yourself

    does she:

    have his number?

    if she does have his number does she text him asmuch as you to more?

    does she call him at random times?

    does she include him in blogs and quizes and notes in Facebook or MySpace? (she included me in a note on Facebook and not my girlfriend and that gave us the biggest clue )

    does she look at him and looks like she gets lost in him?

    does she try and flirt with him?

    does she try to touch him when talking with him?

    and ask your boyfriend to be completely honest ask him his feelings about her and if she came onto him what he would do. if you trust him than he will do what he says and he will help in getting her to back off...

    good luck! its never fun trying to stop ur friend from liking your partner whithout breaking up the relationship or the friendship. I know I've been in bothsituations looking friends and my girlfriend over other people so best luck to you!