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Why does my friend keep hitting me in my boobs?

My friend is a guy before I start. We sit right next to each other in class. And almost everyday me and him will be talking and in some way he'll... Show More

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  • maybe you kick his balls or nut tap it and see how he likes it.Goddamn, has he got no morals?! grabbing boobs like nobody's business!sorry doesn't cut it. yes I'm a guy but I know the difference between respect and sex

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  • Why does your guy friend keep hitting you in the boobs? Because you don't smack him upside the head whenever he does it! It's a wonder a line isn't forming!

  • i think you already know the answer and just want to see if other people agree with you...obviously he likes you or he's just really horny

  • I Knew the answer to this one before I read the details. He keeps hitting your boobs because he likes touching your boobs! I suggest that you either tell him to stop or, if you want him to really want to be a good friend and let him enjoy himself, you could actually just give him the go ahead to feel around all you want. I garantee that he will be your best friend for ever if you choose the second option. But seriously, he's doing it on purpose. If you decide to let him go ahead, leave me a comment, It would be really funny to find out that I actually did ur friend that big a favor by convincing you to do that. Remember, if you don't like it, tell him to stop the first couple times, slap him if he continues.

  • I guess he really likes boobs... maybe because he likes you ALOT lol but to be honest, that's really inappropriate at ur age or in ur thirties even... you should make him know that there are limits to physical touching... because in the end, all he is gonna end up doing to you is sexual harrassment/abuse if he doesn't learn its not right to do that

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  • I think that is very disresectful on his part to do that to you. I am not saying that because of my age, I'm saying if he is starting things out by hitting you in your breast, than what's next? I'm not a medical pro but I have been told by someone who is that being hit there can be cause problems in the future.

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