Why does my friend keep hitting me in my boobs?

My friend is a guy before I start. We sit right next to each other in class. And almost everyday me and him will be talking and in some way he'll always seem to nudge me in my boobs with his arm. Sometimes he'll get me with his elbow and other times he'll smack his entire arm across my chest. And he's always reaching over me. (Especially across my chest.) At first I didn't worry about it because I saw it was just an accident and he would say sorry. But I'm starting to think that they're not accident anymore. Even though he still said sorry. Because it happens to often. So it's got me wondering. What's the deal?


Most Helpful Guy

  • maybe you kick his balls or nut tap it and see how he likes it.

    Goddamn, has he got no morals?! grabbing boobs like nobody's business!

    sorry doesn't cut it. yes I'm a guy but I know the difference between respect and sex