Is it possible for a guy and a girl to be friends?

You know what I mean. Pure and simple friendship without one being attracted to the the other. And it does not count if one of them is lesbian or gay (although I have to say one of my best friends is gay ^^ ). Anywho, state your opinion and why. Thank you for all your answers!

By the way, I believe that a guy and a girl can be just friends.

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  • Yes totally,

    though it really depends on the character of said people. If it's a person who generally has a lot of friends, it's easy for them to make, have and entertain them, then it's absolutely possible for them to be friends with the opposite gender, too.

    If however said person isn't the most social there is, if said person finds it hard to make good friends and hasn't that many people around them that they could call friends, then it would be harder for the person to be just friends.

    Another factor would be how friendships develop!

    Now imagine both persons being friends from school, see each other pretty often, etc. etc. and they generally get along pretty well?

    In that scenario being just friends would be pretty simple since they didn't have any other intentions to begin with for getting in contact at all.

    Another option would be to meet up on the streets or in the www... you most likely exchange contact data to some sort, text a lot, be it through text-messangers or mobile-phone. Now going into contact with a person that way most likely implies the search for a relationship. I'd say for boys it's close to 100% the case whereas girls like to get in contact to actually get to know the guy and THEN decide weather it be a friendship or a relationship.

    However, what I'm trying to say is that both personality and the surroundings people meet are a great factor on how easy it is for opposite genders to become just friends ;-)

    • Wow, I really do seem to like writing a lot :D

      I mean, even to a simple yes or no question I write close to 1500 characters :P

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    • Actually we're not. Never equal online "friendships" to real ones, at least I make a huge difference between them ;)

    • Haha, maybe ;)


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  • They can totally be friends. I have plenty of girls that are friends of mine. Does it mean that I want to date them or start any sort of relationship with them? No it doesn't. I enjoy their company and hanging out with them nothing more than that. A lot of people tend to think that if you're friends you're automatically dating. That's totally not true. While indeed many friendships can turn into something more there is an equal amount that don't turn into a relationship past the "friend" phase...

  • They can eventually, although it won't start out that way. One of them will like the other in the beginning but then they'll both get comfortable in each other's "friend zone".

    • Sometimes guys and girls can be friends without the attraction at first.

  • probably but depends on the people 9 out 10 times one of them is going to what to have more then just a friendship but I'm sure some are out there.

  • Why not? One of my really good friends for the past 4-5 years is a girl. She's in a relationship, I was in one. We have no feelings for each other.


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  • Yes, absolutely.

  • Yes I have a guy best friend and we have been friends for 5 and a half years and we never dated or anything

  • yes...but it is very very rare

  • Of course. I am friends with plenty of guys and all that is there is friendship.

  • absolutely. my best friend is male. and we're both straight.