Should I be worried that my boyfriend of 2 years has not introduced me to his family?

My boyfriend and I have been dating 2 years now and he hasn't introduced me to his family. I did ask him about it last Christmas and his reason was because his nieces were mad at him for breaking up with his last girlfriend. I can't help but feel that is a pretty weak explanation. I don't know if he knows he doesn't plan on being with me for a long time or if he is ashamed of me. His past girlfriends all were brought home. Why not me? What do you think I should do?

Additional info: He shows me pics of his family and his family has access to his mobile me photo gallery which has a lot of pictures of me in it from the 4 extended weekend trips we have taken over the past two years.
I suspect he may get picked on due to the fact he is the youngest of 4 siblings and he is the only one not married w/kids and he is 33. I have brought up the issue now 3 times. He is a master at letting me vent but not actually resolving the issue.


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  • Then perhaps he feels pressured by his family to get married. It's not that he may or may not be thinking that far ahead in your relationship, but maybe they would pick on him a lot and say little comments like, "So, when are you two going to tie the knot?" And just put himself and you in awkward positions. It's not relevant that he's introduced past girlfriends to his parents. It's possible that he did and it didn't go very well for him, so he's learning from his past experiences. Either way, you should talk to him and communicate your concerns to him. But it does sound like he may be ashamed of how his family would act around you guys or create preconceptions of marriage that he's not ready for.

    • He has said that he gets picked on for not being married or having any kids. You could be right.

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  • that is bullsh*t those excuses make no sense he's hiding something...Period

  • Not neccessarily and I'll explain why...

    My dad AND his new wife are violent and abusive and I haven't spoken to either in over 10 years.

    My mom's parents are mean, drunk, alcoholics and we don't really speak to them anymore.

    My girlfriend would meet my mom and my brothers but that's it, no extended family.

    It's not her at all, It's that I can't even trust my own family to act decent and treat her respect so I'm not even going to expose her to that. I explained this to her in part last night and she completely understood. Some of us have families that we are not proud of, please keep this in mind.

    • YEAH... I understand that situation... But this dude is claiming "his nieces were mad at him for breaking up with his last girlfriend". WTF?

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    • I think there is no excuse for her boyfriend not to bring her around his family. You have an extreme situation but in most cases if he doesn't take you to meet his family that's not good news.

    • And you have a very valid point as well, I'm merely offering possible alternative scenarios to help explain his trepidation

  • No he wouldn't be with you if he didn't like you , don't worry

  • Deprive him of sex until he introduces you. That will sort it


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  • Yes! That's an issue that he hasn't introduced you to his family after all that time. Tell him exactly how you feel and tell him it's a bit of a dealbreaker when you feel a man is too ashamed to bring you home to his parents.

  • Could he be ashamed of his family? Maybe he doesn't get along with them? Ask him. If he loves his family and gets along well with them, I'd be concerned. That is a bit strange.

    I see you posted this a few months ago. Any changes?

  • Yes definitely because either he is a shamed of you or his family. To be togethet that long and still haven't sends red flags unless his parents are dead or something.Because if you want a future with someone and you decide to get married wouldn't you like to know what you are marrying in to.

  • You should totally be worried. If there was a real reason for him not introducing you to his family then he sould be up front about it and explain. By not talking to you he is making you worry... even if he's not telling you because he just doesn't want to get picked on by his family. You need to sit him down and make sure that he realises how much it upsets you. Make him see that you don't care what the reason is but you just want to know what the problem is!

    • Believe it or not I have. A couple of times. He treats me like a princess after but that issue remains unchanged. He wants me happy, wants me with him, and I am a big part of his life... Just not part of his family's life.

  • I would be highly suspicious. I think he is hiding something. If he can bring other girlfriends home and not you that is a problem. Call him out on it, you deserve to know why. Is it possible he is not that serious about you? He may not plan on being with you for a long time, that is definitely the idea I would get from that if I were in your situation.

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