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Why do we take our parents for granted?

Being a parent is hard. When your children idolize you and view you as a perfect being, it is hard when that image of you comes crashing down... when... Show More

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  • I guess because as children, teenagers, or young adults for that matter, we think we've seen enough to stand on our own two feet and don't need our parents for anything. Some of us have forgotten the fact that they brought us in, raised us, and taught us how to survive. I'm not trying to classify or appoint myself as a saint, but I treasure the relationship that I do have with my parents, but that isn't to say that I haven't had it out with them from time to time. Everyone has a difference of opinion with their parents at some point or another, and maybe, just maybe, that is one reason why some of us do take our parents for granted. Some of us, not all, think that we know it all, and have no reason for our parents. Or maybe we're just too focused on ourselves and our own problems and take them for granted-

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  • Well, we feel that they have brought us into existence so that they could lighten their own load. We feel that they created us, almost out of spite for themselves. It's a hard road to understanding that no one can tell you how to feel, and that everybody has their separate agenda.

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