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Why would a guy keep his girlfriend secret?

A guy friend of mine in his mid 40's is very careful to keep his girlfriend a secret. He has been seeing her at least 6 months, keeps his Facebook... Show More

Wondering why no guys will answer this question. Don't want to reveal the secret? I think that he won't call her his girlfriend because he has already decided that she won't fit into his long term future plans.

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  • no, why should you tell the world? if he's anything like me then he's very private and respectful. I definately don't share my love life on Facebook of all places. I am on Facebook as single though I date on and off. it's noone's business but mine. I don't post pics of my guys neither do I name names. I'm such a private person when it comes to relationships.

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  • Sometimes I just don't want people to see me with someone who I car eabout very much and have them judge the relationship. Relationships don't have to be about other people, and sometimes, especially in new relationships, or very intense relationships, you just don't wanna share that other person with anyone else.

  • He still wants to f*ck around probably.

    He's never called her his girlfriend so maybe they aren't actually boyfriend and girlfriend, and are just dating or taking things slow

    Maybe he doesn't wanna jinx it... or maybe she's a dog.

    Asking HIM would be the smartest bet

  • Seems to me you've already made up your mind about why. and it was pointless to even ask this question in the first place. All you're seeing is the negatives.

    • If a man is not calling you his girlfriend - you are not his girlfriend. We all want to make more of things than they actually are. Men know this - a lot women apparently do not.

    • I think that's BS. Some people don't need to fit each other into small categories just to be sure of where they stand. The real question is: Why does it matter? Why does he need to tell people? Why do you need to know? Why is it any of your business? He, and she, are adults, and no doubt, can judge their relationship- and its status- far better than you or I.

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