Parents throwing kids out and kids being thrown out.

This is a two piece question for both the adults and the teenagers. For adults: Would you ever kick out your own child? If so what would your child have to do that's bad enough to get them kicked out in the first place and do you think its reasonable? Do you take into consideration that maybe by... Show More

I apologize I do mean that the age the parent kicks out his child is around 16-18.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I would never throw my kid out if I ever became a parent. I am definitely the nurturing type. my parents were like brutal to me so I don't have respect for parents who just shove their kids off into the street without taking care of them. that to me is appalling and irresponsible. granted I would want my kids (if I ever had them) to have independence, however if they're not ready , that's my responsibility partly to take care of them till they can.