Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend?

I'm about to graduate from college and I thought that going to college would help me find the right girl, but if anything its made it worse. It seems like girls never notice me at all, and its not like I'm a social outcast or anything, I have tons of guy friends and get along great with just about... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I feel your pain. Especially the worrying that I'll have to find someone after college where there are far less options.

    For the record, if you talk to a girl in class, she's not going to think you're a creeper. If anything, she will notice you in a positive way. Even if she shyly talks back or doesn't say much.

    Do you ask girls out? I know that I have yet to go on a single date in college because I refuse to ask a guy out, so I'm waiting on these guys who will probably never ask so that's not working. If you're about to graduate, you probably aren't going to see a lot of these girls again, so I say go for it and start asking girls out, even if it's a group thing so that she can get to know you in a more comfortable environment. And don't wait for the perfect girl. Even if it's just a girl that you're slightly attracted to, she could surprise you and be the girl you're looking for.

    Maybe your friend's girlfriend can help set you up with one of her friends. If she thinks your attractive, her friends probably will too.

    Good luck! :)