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What do I do if your boyfriend is avoiding you?

Well the other night we had a fight right and now we haven't spoken for like a week straight he hasn't been home and we live together he's been at a... Show More

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  • I'm in exactly the same situation too, however my boyfriend and I don't live together so I have no idea where he is or what he's doing (which is WORSE trust me). All I can say is, wait it out and don't be too over-bearing and in his face. Give him his space, which I'm guessing is why he has been at his friend's house and not at yours. It can be gut-wrenching when you hear the phone ring and pick up and it's not him, but in time it will get easier. This space will mean, that even if it doesn't work out, you've had some time to adjust to being without him. Good luck with whatever happens, and remember until you or he ends it, it's not over.

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  • I wish I could give you advice on how to fix it, but im going through a similar problem. But I can tell you that you should have faith in your relationship, and take this time to think about things, like your fight, try to think of his side, and was it really worth it? And think about how much he means to you. Once you've been able to think everything through, you're conversation with him should be a lot less heated.

  • oh my gosh I m going thru the same thing, he's been totally avoiding me, ignoring and rejecting my calls not responding to my calls but we haven't fought or anything, I tried asking him to talk he says he'll call me later but doesn't so I m giving him the space its been a few days now and I will take it 4rm there, but also how long should you give him the time on his own, weeks, months, years o wat

  • oh geez. I'm in a similar situation myself only that he hasn't talked to me. all he's done is ignore my calls and msgs and hang up on me. ppl have been telling me to be patient and wait. I know it's a bit hard in your case because you do live with him. just give him some time and space.

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