What does "I don't want to lose your friendship" REALLY mean?

Hey y'all. This guy friend of mine and I (work together) were intoxicated one night after hanging out and we messed around...nothing major, but... Show More

  • Vote A An excuse for no romantic feelings
  • Vote B Likes me, but is afraid of it failing
  • Vote C Guys don't think about this detail

Most Helpful Girl

  • I know its hard when you are in the thick of things with someone, however its best you move on. ( or commit to staying friends and find someone else who will appreciate a relationship with you.

    he has made it clear ( true or not) he is not interested at this particular time. If a guy is truly interested, come hell or high water. Nothing would much matter and he would make things work.

    i also think it is on he didn't much care to communicate his issues about work relationships till after the fact.

    • Hey girl...you are RIGHT. Not interested is fine...but he let me rub all kinds of things...yes, I even went THERE, but girl, let me tell you, drunk or not...there was very "little" to write home about, so he could even be embarrassed that he's got a micro package or something....anyway I'm a bit pissed that he "let" me do all that to him, and is now saying he didn't want to give me the wrong impression...I told him "Well I don't rub my other friends' bodies...do you?" I gotta move on, but damn.