Cute Nicknames?

My girlfriend is named Lauren and I was wondering if anyone knew any cute nicknames for a Lauren? Or if you got any cute nicknames in general for a girlfriend like "baby" or "baby girl"

Me a my girlfriend broke up a couple weeks ago and forgot this question was up here. Thank you for all the replies.


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  • Well my boyfriend calls me marshmallow because I'm soft like a marshmallow.. L0l.. Or Honey, & monkey or peanut.. he has a lot to call me.. but those are the ones tha he usually uses.. :)

    • Marshmallow, I have never heard that one.

    • L0l.. yea, and I call him 'Munchie Munch' because he's always eating.. :)

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  • Laur, Lauralie, Princess? Babe? those are all I can think of right now...

  • I normally hate nicknames, but I've always loved the name Angel (:

    • I was thinkin to call her that because she looks like one to me, but I'm not sure. Especially because that was my dogs name so it would just be awkward for me

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    • Ahhhhhhhhhh, I see. that's coo c:

    • I call my girlfriend Loz. Her name is Lauren and she likes this name. X

      Hope this helped


  • well, my boyfriend throws around sweetpea and babe and honeybun and stuff like that.

  • Ha my friends name is lauren and I call her lala but that's kinda a friend thing be kinda weird to call your girl that.

    • Haha I had a friend who we used to call lala. Cept her name was lany haha

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  • Well I use to call my girl "Pretty Young Thing", because she was'nt just anything she was everything...

  • Laur...that's what I'd use. Sounds like you love her, but don't denouce her independence by saying baby and stuff.

    • I like being called babe or baby. how is that denouncing her independence?

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    • I think its because babe seems, sluty or something along those line. Many people can take offense to it, I prefer saying baby over babe. I don't think you would denounce her independence calling her other things but who knows just try and if you notice she doesn't like it try something else.

    • Oh and I can't call her Laur because her best friends last name is Laur if you can believe that