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How to deal with boyfriend's female friend?

We been dating 4 years but 1 year long distance. My boyfriend has some female battle buddies a couple he's pretty close with. There's this one girl... Show More

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  • Also, seeing your boyfriend interact with his friend while you are around can either prove or disprove your suspicion. If he seems to chose you over his friends, I'd say you're safe. Regardlesss, remember that he's dating you and not her. In case you find that he actually does love her and not you, you should try to understand those feelings. I don't know if you love your boyfriend or if you just feel like you need him to stay around, but do what you think will make both of you happy in the end.

    Good Luck!

    • Thank you. I hope it's just platonic

    • Anytime =] Don't stress over this and just take life as it is =]

    • Lol I get the worrying from my momma -_-

What Guys Said 1

  • I doubt this type of girl will cause him to leave you, to be honest. She really does sound like one of the guys for him.

    A good idea to meet her though.

    • What makes you believe that? jw

    • Someone blowing snot rockets isn't likely to steal away his heart...sounds like a tomboy of some sort..

What Girls Said 2

  • Don't tell him not to be friends with her, that can ruin your relationship with him. When you meet her try to show geniune intereset in her. Don't tell her you feel threatened by her, but talk to her about your feelings for your boyfriend and why you think he's a great guy. If she does like him, this might make her feel guilty about ruining the relationship, especially if you show her that you are an awesome person.

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