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Is it OK for my boyfriend to hang out with other girls?

My boyfriend and I have been together for around a year. Last summer, he and his cousin had hung out with a couple girls at their apartment. He never... Show More

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  • If he was hanging out with them before he got with you, you can't expect him to change. If you can't handle it just date a guy with no friends.

    • Actually, its new girls. He definitely didn't know them before we started dating.

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    • It seems very much like he was hiding it. I wonder why?

    • I asked him why he didn't tell me and he said that he didn't know he had to tell me everything about his life. Then he got mad andsarcastic and told me every conversation he had that day. He says he loves me. I know I don't need to know every single thing, but him hanging out with other girls just seems important to me. I'm afraid he's gonna keep hanging out with girls and not telling me. I don't know how many more surprises I can take.

What Guys Said 3

  • He was hanging out with other girls that weren't you and you got mad, that's jealousy.

    • I'm mad because he didn't tell me and he would be p*ssed too if the situation was reversed.

    • Looks like your both jealous.

  • I would probably feel the same way in your position, but looking at it from my perspective (im a guy who has quite a few friends who are girls) I hang out with my friends often and I don't mention it to my girlfriend unless she does usually, I would NEVER do anything to hurt my girlfriend, so it may just be innocent friendship, or not, it seems like there may not be enough information to tell, P.S he may not have told you in fear that you would have been worried about it although nothing happend

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  • ok. here's what I think. It's fine for your significant other to hang out with people of the opposite sex. My best friend happens to be a guy and one of my boyfriend's best friend is a girl. we're fine with it and if us hanging out with someone of the opposite sex bothers us, then we talk about it. The only reason why I would say in your case, you have a right to be mad, is because he didn't tell you about it. If he had told you about it the day it happened, would you have been upset or no? If yes, then you're jealous. (don't worry, it's ok to be a little jealous. its human nature) If no, then you're one of the cool chicks. ^_^

  • Well if you tell him he can't hangout with other girls, he's not gonna like that you're trying to control him. If you trust him, and have no reason to believe he's cheating on you, then I think it's fine for a boyfriend to hang with other girls as long as it doesn't interfere with his time with you, and I'm not sure I'd like it if it was just him and her alone. He probably didn't tell you because he thought you would get jealous (duh!) and get mad at him. Stupid on his part, but give him the benefit of the doubt this time and make sure you tell him that you won't be mad as long as he tells you! Secrets are never good in a relationship.

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