Last Name Changing Sexist?

OK, so I think I might be a bit sexist...I read this article were there guy is asking an advice column about how his girlfriend wouldn't take his last name if they marry...he said its important to him that a family have the same last she suggests that he takes her last name...I mean that totally sounds fair I guess but I guess it kinda would bother me if I was in that situation. I guess I just have a traditional be bothered by it...The only solution I would think of...agree on a new last name for both people which would kind of be fun I think...


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  • Lol how is that sexist? You're just new to the idea, most people are because pretty much everyone has grown up being taught "The woman takes the man's name."

    Tiz no problem, the more you ponder it and read up on it, the less weird you'll feel about it. :P



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  • Its just a tradition now. Plus it identifies everyone in that family as relatives. I guess its completely up to the couple, but I know which I would prefer to do.