What does it mean when a guy ask a girl to meet his parents?

does it mean he likes you?

or has interest in you?


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  • Well I guess it would depend on if you guys are going out. Usually when a guy wants to meet your parents he is definitely into you. It's actually rare for a guy to want to meet a girls parents though. Usually guys are viewed more harshly by a girls parents than a girl by his parents. Especially at your age parents tend to be a little more over protective and tend to intimidate the guy whether they mean to or not.

    I would say go for it. A guy like this seems a little bit more mature for a relationship than what you might find at his age. He is initially taking the bull by the horns, being assertive (by wanting to meet your parents), but also is wanting to be apart of your life by meeting your parents.

    What I would ask him though, if you guys aren't going out, is "so I was thinking you wanted to meet my parents right? Well does that mean you want to go out with me?" This puts him in the spot because he now has to fess up why he wants to see your parents and you push him to say his feelings about you.


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  • I say it definitely does mean he likes you and he feels proud to introduce you to his family. Take that as a complement. Sounds like a nice guy to me that wants everything to be on the level and will probably be someone you can trust and not be into a lot of shit. He is taking an interest in you and not like some guys who wouldn't even want his parents to know he was hanging around with you because they might tell him they don't like you or w/e. Dress up nice when you go because first impressions are lasting.


What Girls Said 2

  • Well yeah it probably means he has some sort of interest in you. Maybe his parents want to meet you and see what you're all about before they allow him to start dating or just to see who he's been hanging out with. Could be he's real close to his parents and wants you to meet them.

    but mostly I'd say yeah, he's probably interested and wants you to be some part of his life if he includes you in his family life.

  • this means that he is for sure serious about you and wants you to know that he is in it for the long haul