Why do Mormon families have so many children?

why do they? any ideas


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  • Because their doctrine believes that their purpose is to bring children into the world, and by having kids its a celebration of the life given to them by god. Also, in all stems of christianity I believe abortion, contraception, and even condoms are not supported 100%. Abstinence believes that if you do have sex, and you get pregnant, it is your job to have the child. So basically, the goal is to populate the earth with more believers.

    • Wow...floss...you continue to astound me haha know your a religious expert along with all your other...:) things

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    • Im betting 90% of Christians are on some form of birth control. It's a bad idea to group different religions together and characterize them all the same way. They all have their own theologies, and even in those different theologies the people that practice them are all on different levels(aka: some people believe extremely, some people only believe some things, some people kinda believe). So take people as you find them.

      Here is a link to a mormon website:


    • Well if the birth control or protection fails, you certainly don't see a lot of them getting supported towards an abortion or they don't want removal of the kid- which is why mormon families have a lot of children in reference to question.

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  • They don't believe in usuing contracpetion

  • They like to remain faithful to their spouse and religion. I cannot think of any other reason in other terms. Maybe they juat enjoy raising children in general? Also, raising them in the same mannerism with regards to the religion could set a big factor... I'm not really sure either... I respect them either way as long as they responsibly take care ofthe children physically, emotionally and psychologically. Not a big deal.

  • as previously stated, "Multiply and replenish the earth" "be fruitful" stuff like that. Not all Mormon families have lots of children. Try not to sum up a whole religion without proof to back you up.

  • They don't believe in contraception and they also believe that all children are gifts from God, so they feel that it's their duty to make lots of little blessings on the earth..

    • Dont they understand concepts such as overpopulation and actually being able to afford to support your kids?

    • Of course, but put yourself in the position of a Mormon who believes in a higher power - a higher spiritual power who controls life after death. To make many 'blessings of God' on the earth gives them more points in Heaven, so to speak, and their children themselves are simply more people to eventually bless the earth and go to Heaven themselves.. That is clearly more important than earthly problems from a spiritual perspective. (I am speaking as a non-Mormon)

  • I've heard that they believe that the more children you have, the higher level of heaven you'll get into. Or something like that. And because yeah, no birth control.

    • that's not true about the higher level of heaven thing, btw

  • not all mormon families have a lot of children! My best friend and his family are mormons and he's the only child!

  • well I heard it is becuase the more children they have the more mormans there are ... they want to take control of everyone they want us to all be morman that's why they have so many missions...get it...

  • i don't know about mormons personally (sorry) but it says in the bible BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY so that might be why. I know that catholics don't believe in abortion but I don't know if mormons follow that too.

    • I wouldn't say just catholics, I would say people in general don't believe in abortion. Yeah there are those who do, but also those who aren't religious and still believe an abortion is bad

    • Oh I just realized I put "abortion"! I actually was thinking "birth control" when I wrote that lol but yeah, I agree people in general don't believe in abortion, I'm one of them

  • no birth control ...


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  • Because they are AWESOME!

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  • they don't belive in birth control

  • it's in their doctrine... they will have a race of people, with their own planet... and the parents are 'gods' of it all... so each family has their own planet, their own race to propegate...

  • Because they like to have lots and lots of sexy time.

  • well they are very family oriented unlike the rest of the country

    • Right...because bigotry and hatred just screams "family values"

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    • I know some too, but I also know more than a few ex-mormans who tell me some horror stories about growing up morman and what they were taught. I guess those are the bitter ones though. I shouldn't have made a blanket statement like that though

    • thank you @ossander for grouping religions together. Polygamy and Bigotry are believed by the FLDS church, a break off of the LDS church. FLDS and LDS (or mormons) are two totally different things. Please do your research before you throw things like that around.

  • Well they are breading becasue the rest of the slackers are busy leading selfish lives.