Men- if a girl calls you "bud" during a phone convo would you think all she wanted was friendship?

I like this guy but want do not want him to know it right now, so if I talk to him and say, for instance, "later bud," he would only think I want friendship, right?


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  • i'd think you were a tomboy

    • Haha this and friendship.

    • LOL cool, cause that's sort of what I want him to think I want at this point- just friendship- I don't want to scare him away. I want to build on a friendship. thanks

What Guys Said 3

  • Yep.

    But why can't you let him know that you like him?

  • I think you should just tell him. Men don't get "hints". We don't get subtle hints, we don't get obvious "hints". Be straight forward, and tell him exactly where it is you want your relationship to go.


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  • well I have a guy friend who I met a few months ago..we both said we only wanted friendship at this point.. I call him bud/buddy all the time, he doesn't read anything into it.. He knows I am cool with being friends but I call him buddy to show I like him/treat him differently than my other guy friends .. BUT I know I call him buddy because I like him more than just a friend/am open to being more than friends...It's a way for me to give him a pet name but make it sound friendly so he doesn't get weirded out.. No complaints thus far =)

    • Thanks for understanding! :)