My parents freaked last time I got one. Now I just got one really light one. Just enough that you can tell what it is when you look. Is their any way to make it go away quicker? I lost my cover-up and my hair is just a bit to short.

They are in a bad mood already! What do I do?


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  • You can minimize it by using ice or you can stimulate the area where you got the hickie - massage it gently. Rub vitamin K into the area. I'd suggest using a tea bag to compress the hickie. Keep on re-warming the tea-bag until the hickie disappears. You can use hot washcloth as well. Try covering it with make-up. My friend gave this trick a shot: Put green eye shadow on it then put concealer over top, the green cancels out the red and the concealer covers it all. Maybe your can spray on a deodorant and leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash off, that should also minimize your hickie. If all this fails, go with the all classic scarf. There is this big fashion going around where chicks have the cotton scarves around their necks - go with that style to hide your hickie and look good. Maybe this link will show you what I mean by the whole scarf thing: link




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  • hahahaha your screwed. just tell them the truth!

    lies won't get you anywhere in life, the sooner you realize that the better off you will be

    • Lol They didn't notice and it is gone now.

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    • Sweet... good luck to you both!

    • Thanks! :)

  • All you have to do is take some Tiger Balm or really any sports cream and rub it in to the hickey and it should be gone in a day or so if not quicker.

  • watch those stupid infomercials at night; they'll have something for you

    another alternative is top STOP GETTING HICKEYS!

    hickeys are nasty

    tell him to stop it

    • It was an accident. We are both new at this. The first time it happened neither of us had ever done it before, and we've avoided it happening again for months. I just bruise easily. Complete accident.

  • my friends said toothpaste but I'm going with ice,your desperate so id do both,lol.


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  • if it happened once why the hell do you let is happen again.

    tell your boyfriend to stop the hickies before your parents stop you from going out with him

    anyways you might wanna put some cold ice on it see if the color goes down. and if you have any friends around tell them to let you borrow the cover up. and if not tell your boyfriend to buy shit he did do it.

    or perhaps you'll try to talk to your parents by turning your head or putting your hand there don't make it to obvious tho.


    • There was a long time gap between the first time and this one. I bruise really easily and we have avoided it for months. It didn't hurt at all so it didn't even cross my mind that he was ACCIDENTALLY giving me one. :p (the last time it hurt for a second or two in the spot)

  • I had this problem a little while ago! Just take a large battery and gently rub the flat (negative) side on your hickey. It'll stimulate the blood flow and almost all of it will go away (depends on how bad the hickey is).

  • ha hickeys gah its been awhile, I love the feel of geting them but ewh they are discusting looking.! put tootpaste on it ,it helps! and do not try cover it up with make up believe me it makes it worse looking!

  • Man has it been a long time since I've dealt with this. Guess I'm old. First, tell him that if he's going to do that it needs to be in a place your parents won't see. Second, put a couple spoons in the freezer. Once they get cold, pull one out and press it directly on the hickey. When the first spoon starts warming up, put it back in the freezer and switch to another one. This will make the area red at first, and it will seem like you're making it more noticeable, but afterwards it'll have made it fade away a bit. Oh, and we always used the "I burned myself with the curling iron," excuse, but I guess that only works if you actually use one.

    • I don't use one. :p Oh, and he didn't give it to me on purpose and he doesn't kiss places that my parents wouldn't see. :) Thanks for the advice!

  • use ice cubes. My guy once gave me a hickey on my forehead. I was so mad! people thought that it was a bruise.

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