My parents freaked last time I got one. Now I just got one really light one. Just enough that you can tell what it is when you look. Is their any... Show More

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  • You can minimize it by using ice or you can stimulate the area where you got the hickie - massage it gently. Rub vitamin K into the area. I'd suggest using a tea bag to compress the hickie. Keep on re-warming the tea-bag until the hickie disappears. You can use hot washcloth as well. Try covering it with make-up. My friend gave this trick a shot: Put green eye shadow on it then put concealer over top, the green cancels out the red and the concealer covers it all. Maybe your can spray on a deodorant and leave for 10-15 minutes, then wash off, that should also minimize your hickie. If all this fails, go with the all classic scarf. There is this big fashion going around where chicks have the cotton scarves around their necks - go with that style to hide your hickie and look good. Maybe this link will show you what I mean by the whole scarf thing: link