My pregnant wife disgusts me. how can I hide it?

i find my pregnant wife disgusting. I've always liked really thin girls, and my wife was very thin until now. now she looks like she ate a balloon. I know she can't control it but I can't even stand to look at her, let alone touch her. I know she can tell how I feel and it's making her feel bad. how can I hide my disgust? how can I look at her without grimacing? how can I touch her without wanting to puke? and also how can she lose weight the quickest after the baby is born? I can tolerate this for 9 months but not a second after I have to.


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  • Go to a therapist. You need serious help STAT.

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      Yeah, and the therapist will say nothing different than what I said... Or at least a close enough facsimile.... His dilemma is that he hides his fear with disgust... He is afraid of how society would look at his wife... Moreover, his fear dictates that he should not touch his wife in her current state... Pretty sad if you ask me... He needs to face his fears head-on...

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      Jinmetsu Rasetsu knows everything. Listen to him. According to him, if OP "face his fears head-on" and touch his wife in her current state, then he would not feel disgusted anymore. So then he would have no more fear, and he will no longer be an ass. So OP, touch your wife, and all problems solved!

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      And he is suggesting OP not to go see the therapist because he already said everything that the therapist would say.