My pregnant wife disgusts me. how can I hide it?

i find my pregnant wife disgusting. I've always liked really thin girls, and my wife was very thin until now. now she looks like she ate a balloon. I know she can't control it but I can't even stand to look at her, let alone touch her. I know she can tell how I feel and it's making her feel bad. how can I hide my disgust? how can I look at her without grimacing? how can I touch her without wanting to puke? and also how can she lose weight the quickest after the baby is born? I can tolerate this for 9 months but not a second after I have to.


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  • Go to a therapist. You need serious help STAT.

    • Yeah, and the therapist will say nothing different than what I said... Or at least a close enough facsimile.... His dilemma is that he hides his fear with disgust... He is afraid of how society would look at his wife... Moreover, his fear dictates that he should not touch his wife in her current state... Pretty sad if you ask me... He needs to face his fears head-on...

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    • Jinmetsu Rasetsu knows everything. Listen to him. According to him, if OP "face his fears head-on" and touch his wife in her current state, then he would not feel disgusted anymore. So then he would have no more fear, and he will no longer be an ass. So OP, touch your wife, and all problems solved!

    • And he is suggesting OP not to go see the therapist because he already said everything that the therapist would say.

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  • She's CARRYING A CHILD of course she's not going to have a flat belly. What were you expecting when she told you she was pregnant? The stork to come by and leave the baby on the porch and her not gain a pound? Your insensitivity is disgusting. Once she has her (hopefully healthy) baby, she's going to be too tired to focus on losing weight for purely your own selfish reasons. I get it, we want our spouse to be hot and attractive, but the fact that she's carrying (I'm assuming) your child, that alone should be enough for you WANT to be around her.

    The best of luck to your wife.

  • Why do you find her disgusting?

  • This post really bothers me, she is your wife, and when you took vows, you promised to love her through anything. The only advice I can give you is to re-evaluate your love. Pregnancy is natural, you will NEVER find a woman who doesn't get big during pregnancy. If you are that disgusted with her appearance while she is bearing YOUR CHILD, maybe you should consider dating men, otherwise, you will be one lonely kid. I hope to never date a man like you. Men like you are the ones that make girls loose all hope in a relationship. Grow up.

  • You sir, are disgusting.

  • alot of people are angry at you - I've got the best advice for you:

    BEST way of losing weight after the baby - iS TO DUMP YOUR UGLY ARSE, she'll literally be HALF the person she was and much f***ing happier for it. my god, how would you deal with post natal depression I wonder?

    will your baby's sh*tty nappy disgust you too - time to grow a pair of balls - or don't go impregnating anyone else.

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  • That's kinda harsh to say buddy. How do you look at the situation and get disgusted? Maybe you should see past your narrow mind and see that this is the beauty of child birth. You think your wife feels attractive right now? Probably not, especially seeing as how she isn't getting any compliments from you. See that she is doing what she needs to do to have healthy baby. Not only that she probably is very emotional at this time and you saying that you wanna puke when you look at her isn't something a pregnant woman wants to hear. Everything in her body goes straight to the baby first. Food, nutrients, and believe it or not emotions.

    I believe it would take a real man to be able to do what our mom's, sister's, wives/future wives go through to give us such a blessing as child birth. I will admit it I could never put my body through that change, giving up food that the baby doesn't like to prevent you from getting sick, not having sex or less of it!

    The whole process of it is just amazing, open your eyes and see that. I think you should be more worried that you need to stay positive, worry about being a good dad, a good man by appreciating your woman that is blessing you with a family and that your child is healthy and gets your wife's attitude, not yours.

  • *shakes head*

    Hopefully she can tolerate YOU for nine months. :S

  • Personally, I almost understand your dilemma. Nevertheless, I do not condone your situation. By that, I mean this: You are married for better or worse. I am not married and almost envy your situation. I would not find my wife any less appealing given the circumstance. Nevertheless, I must admit that given your situation you are being unfair not only to your wife, but in turn yourself.

    Let's explore why:

    First of all, the reason you got married, what is it? Well, biologically, your primitive subconscious desire to become married is to have sex without having to challenge for it. Consequently, sex=procreation. Now, was your reason to get married to meet the human requirement to procreate, or was it to have some hot chick on lockdown for your own sexual desire? Reason I bring this up is simple. Simply, if you loved her, you would overlook her pregnancy. You made mention that she was slim and therefore I logically deducted that you were attracted to her because of her slender build. Her looking like, as you said, "swallowed a baloon", indicates that you perhaps married for the wrong reason. If it were me, I would still be attracted to her. I would possibly (because I am not sure because I have never been married, nor do I have children at the age of 32...) not be affected at all.. As twisted as it may seem to you, I may still be sexually attracted to her. Why you may ask? Simple, I made it a point to visualize and perhaps precognate the situation given my understanding of the way the female body changes considering pregnancy. If you were to have given yourself the opportunity to test yourself mentally, you could perhaps have prepared yourself for the occasion you are currently presented with. By my discernment, you are not truly in love with your wife, and therefore you have placed an unfair burden upon yourself. My percentage ratio is this: 33.33334% unfair to you and 66.666% unfair to your wife.

    The solution to this dilemma is to face what you fear. I am no psycologist, but a drill instructor... All fears I have, I face. Some fears must be faced head-on. How you face your fears head-on, you may ask? Simple... Talk to your physician, see if it is safe to have coitus with your wife given the stage of her pregnancy. I only say this on a logical level... Women tend to have a different hormonal balance while pregnant, and often become a little more sexual in the realm of pregnancy. Given that you may be delightfully suprised.

    Finally, I must say this... You are awfully concerned with her losing weight... What, you going to divorce her if she don't do it? The best way for her to lose the weight is that you be a little bit more nurturing while she is in her current state. She may get depressed and depression in women often leads to heightened cortosol levels which are fat retainers. Her stress will keep her fat, so if you are really concerned, make her pregnancy as stress free as possible!

    • If you are no psychologist, it is probably not a good idea to try to analyze someone's mind. Even a lot of certified psychologist don't do it right, if there are any at all. Asking questions that OP already know the answer to, quoting OP's words, and drawing inferences out of nowhere and that made no sense... you have way too much time to waste. You don't sound intelligent at all.

      Probably better off just to tell OP that he is an ass, if he wasn't trolling.

    • And you are a meddling little child. So I guess we are even. If it not make sense, perhaps you need to go back to school and learn ENGLISH. And for you to say I don't sound intellegent? Don't make me laugh. I have more experience in my finger than you do in your entire brain.

    • FYI, I took several Psychology courses even though my degree as an Aerospace engineer did not require them. I took the classes for credits instead of other nonsensical college courses for the credits. You should just go to school and mind your own damn business instead of trying to spout nonsense to someone with the intent of helping others. Find something better to do, like read a book or something. I read all the time.

  • I don't find pregnant women at all attractive either, but you have to remember that she is more than just your sex partner, she is one of your best friends. And right now she needs you. Ignore all the women (half of which don't have the guts to post who they really are) They are all just p*ssy because they refuse to see things from your point of view.

    Nobody says you need to find her attractive when she is pregnant, but you do need to stick by her and help here through this difficult time.

  • well once she has the baby she will lose a lot of weight and you could always buy her a gym membership at a later date or get her to take yoga classes or something

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