All of my best friends have boyfriends except me, I feel worthless.

hi, I'm 17 years old and I am independent but lately I am feeling down. all of my friends have boyfriends that like them and I see them together and it makes me feel upset knowing I don't have anyone. I feel like there is no one that looks at me like that and will. I just came back from a party and my friends were there and they were with there boyfriends and I was sitting with no one. they were talking about there plans for tomorrow and there double dates the next weekend. I feel so depressed. what am I suppose to do, I feel alone.


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  • aww honey, I know how you feel. It seems like everyone is in a relationship except you and that you'll be alone forever without love. Let me just say that there is someone out there for everyone and that love happens when you least expect it. That sounds so cliche and corny but actually its true. I would know, I've been there and I've had some great relationships. But through those relationships and break-ups, I've learned to appreciate being single. Being able to do whatever you want, check out whomever you want...the list is endless. Plus relationships, while they may provide a facade of lovey-dovey crap, come with baggage. Fights, trust issues, cheating. Plus being in a relationship put's you in a totally different state of mind and can be a distraction. Don't get me wrong, I like being in relationships but I've learned to appreciate being single as well. You don't need a man to make you happy. Loving yourself and your independence is what happiness is derived from. Hang in there girl, your time will come. Until then, appreciate living the single life, as hard as it may be at times. Hope this helps :)


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  • Everyone's love life takes a different path, yours will come in due time just as everyone's does. Just be patient and wait for it, I assure you you'll know when it comes -.-

  • dont feel alone. every girl is special and there is someone for everyone. I'm seventeen too and feel the same way sometimes. I fall in love really easily and get intense crushes which end up with a broken heart and I always try and fail, usually because girls might not find me good enough or maybe because they are shallow.. but I really like a girl who is sweet/cute, clean and respects herself and her body, is at least somewhat social, and confident about herself. I'm sure someone in your high school likes you and if they don't be more open. be more confident and don't be so down because it should all get better:) find a nice guy who you like and talk to him. and if not don't worry you're probably a senior. college is full of great people who might have lots of common things with you. but I really think you can find someone:) ask your friends and talk to them about how you feel and what you can do to make things better:) good luck:)

  • hhmm

    first of you are never alone

    its just your mind tricking you

    i say be positive and be happy for people

    and when the time is right a man will approach you

    if not then you should approach a cute guy and ask him to go out

    grab a bite to eat ?

    maybe ask one of your friends to ask around if anyone likes you

    or if there bfs have friends of friends who are open for a date

    i mean there's plenty of fish in this ocean

  • Why are girls so damn stupid? Is having a boyfriend the latest fashion accessory now?

  • Just enjoy yourself. Don't go envying people based on what you think they have. If someone comes along, great, but don't sit around fretting waiting for that to happen. There is a hell of a lot to do at 17 that doesn't involve a BF.

  • ~You're only 17. There are other things to worry about and you have a long life ahead of you. Be yourself and don't rush into anything you'll regret later. Goodluck

  • Make some changes, like make up.

  • Welcome to the human race, miss independent. This happens to everyone at one point or another. Why do you feel so bad?... it's up to you to figure this one out... plus, you're a 17 y/o girl. You won't be single too long, I can tell ya that.

  • Have you at least held hands, gone on a date, or even been kissed? If you've done any of those, then you've got me beat. And you're a girl; getting a guy shouldn't be exactly difficult.

  • "Common metal glints at a whim, but diamonds, when cut and polished, in the right time, sparkle and outshine the rest brilliantly... "



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  • I don't think you feel upset, depressed, or left out at all. You're only 17, these are you single, flirty, and mingling years anyway! Have fun and don't try to start and build a relationship so early. It's better if you don't get wrapped up in men so young, (I'm in college and I'm saving myself for a true relationship that I'm sure I will after after I'm established and want to date a MAN, not a BOY). Anyway, I think you should just be happy single and if guys aren't paying attention to you...who cares! Don't base your happiness off what guy you do or don't have. However, if you really do want a guy, then just approach them yourselves. This is the 21st century, us women don't always have to wait for the man to approach us, we can do it ourselves and will appear even more independent, sexy, and determined to the guy. ;-) Stay happy chica!

    • Ive found that the guys that aproach me are the losers who think there cool... But aren't really. So when you talke to the guy first and flirt a litlle then let them go from there. Its work out better and they usually are good guys if there not chasing every girl they see. If there chasing theyre may also be getting turned down a lot and you don't want rejects and cheaters.

  • I know how you feel. Its a really sucky feeling. I don't know what to tell you. I'm a 20 year old college student who has never had a boyfriend, kissed a guy, or gone on a date. And yeah, it sucks not having someone when you're with your friends and you feel like the third wheel. I can't tell you how many times I've experienced this.

    I can't really give you advice because I'm in the same boat. But, I can tell you this... put yourself out there. I'm extremely shy when it comes to socializing with people. So, what I've been doing it striking up conversations with totally random people at school. And so that helps me to be much more comfortable talking to guys that I'm attracted to. Does that make sense? I'm getting used to approaching people and so I'm kinda putting myself out there, you know? And you know what, it makes me feel good. I don't feel so bad about being single and feeling lonely and stuff.

    Hope that helps. Best of luck.

  • This might sound weird, but branch out and meet some new friends. I know when I'm within a group of friends that are all dating each other it's annoying, and they always leave you out or make you feel weird for not dating. Stick around the friends you have that are single! It does wonders, also get some cool new hobbies where it is easier to meet others. Being single is such a blessing, the relationships your friends are having are not as 'amazing' as you think. A lot of them are probably not even good. There is always trouble in paradise. Be you, do you, and you'll become so much more confident and that will attract the right type of guy, trust me!