My boyfriend can't forget my past!!!!!!!

Me and my boyfriend have been together for m=nearly two years now and he still has a problem with my past, Sometimes I wounder if he will ever get over? Yea I admit that there were some stupid things iv done but iv learned from them and now that what I did do was the wrong thing iv explained to... Show More

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  • he's having a hard time trusting you :( a relationship without trust DOES NOT work (no matter how much we think it may). you need to sit down and have a serious convo about how you guys will not work out if he doesn't accept the fact that you have changed and that the past is your past... and he needs to be done with his insecurities and move forward in ya'lls relationship. if not, it won't work. it'll push you away that he doesn't trust you when you're doing nothing wrong.

    • Thank that's really helpful, the thing is I don't wana loose him it will kill me I don't even no if I will be able to cope with it...

      He is the first guy I have ever falling in love with and in my future I see him no body else.

      OMG! I hate this.