Why do most guys hate the "friend zone" so much?

Why do most guys hate the “friend zone” so much? The friend zone means something different to women. It is a good place to be in. Yes, in most cases it does not lead anywhere other than just staying in the friend zone, but that’s not bad. I found an answer by a female user that I feel I agree... Show More

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  • "We believe that it’s not all about the physical… but it’s about the emotional. Friends are friends. Bottom line.." Well we are more about the physical. We are all about the visual. Don't get me wrong I have many female friends but that is only because most of them I could never date, or if she ever needed to get some, I wouldn't turn her down.

    How would you like it if someone you were interested in, didn't want you but wanted to you to watch them go through a bunch of chicks (who you feel are not worthy) would you still want to be his friend?

    • I see your point. If I have a male friend and say we've been friends for a while (or not) but say I am interested/attracted to him romantically/sexually and decide to ask him out... say I do and he rejects me but says he wants to still stay friends with me. I would totally accept and understand that and would want to stay non-sexual/romantic friends with him. Yes, it wouldn't bother me to see him have a girlfriend and date other girls because I would understand that it was just not meant to be.

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    • I understand what you mean now. It's hard for a guy to stay in the "friend zone" after being rejected when asking her out on a date, because you would still have that attraction/interest in her and you can't shake that feeling away. It feels torturous to have that feeling yet know you will never have a chance with her and see her off with other guys. That's what you mean? Well, us girls don't want to torture you guys, we just want to keep you in our lives because we still really care about you.

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