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Best friend (opposite sex) hasn't returned my call in over a week?

Developed a real strong friendship with an old friend recently. Though we used to live in the same city, she and I now live on opposite ends of the... Show More

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  • Hey there. This is tough. She is definitely sending you mixed signals which isn't making it any easier for you. It sounds to me like she is confused herself. Unfortunately things are even more complicated with the extra layer of electronic communications - texts and emails can often be misleading or misconstrued. It's easy to be more flirtatious or bolder than you necessarily feel or mean behind the safety of a phone or computer.

    To be honest, it's possible you were a comfort to her from afar but when face to face she got the vibe that you are interested in being more than friends, and she either wasn't interested or was confused herself about how she feels about you.

    Are you still going to live across the country from each other? If so, I would say don't push the situation and risk losing a good friend. Either way, I would put the ball in her court. Try something like, "hey, I know you've got a lot going on, but know that I'm always here for you" Something like that is simultaneously sweet and taking a step backwards, and acknowledging that she needs to figure out what her deal is. It gives her the space she needs, while still expressing concern for her. Good luck!

    • Hey, to answer your question, no I'm not going to be across the country. I am relocating back soon.she may have felt some vibe that I'm looking for more but honestly I just enjoy her for her. but yeah, I sent a similar message before reading your suggestion and she was responsive but only up until a point. she seems to withdraw once any traction starts to develop. I guess there's a little selfishness on my end where I just want things to be alright. but well see where this goes. thanks!

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