Best friend (opposite sex) hasn't returned my call in over a week?

Developed a real strong friendship with an old friend recently. Though we used to live in the same city, she and I now live on opposite ends of the country. Both of us went through a difficult breakup recently which allowed us to get closer to one another; kind of a support system I guess. Though she is still in the process of detaching herself from her relationship.

Anyways, we would text and talk daily until recently. I went out to her area for an interview and visited her while I was there. It was completely normal and as if we'd never been apart from one another. Business as usual. I tried setting up another get together and she confirmed but it never happened. I was upset at our agreements break and confronted her about it. She said it was a misunderstanding and that we could then rendezvous a few days later. So we planned loosely for two days later. She sent me a text that night saying shed be available soon and I told her to let me know when. Of course, I never heard anything. The next day I called to wish her a happy holiday and acted aloof to yet another let down. She gave me reasons for why we didn't meet without me asking her. I told her no big deal, just calling to wish a happy holiday and said I had to run. The conversation was very light even though it seemed she was a bit tentative at first. Before I hung up she stopped me and told me to call her later if I got bored.

Later that night while waiting for my plane I gave her a ring. No answer. I left a short message saying I had a minute and figured Id give her a ring wished her a good night and told her Id catch her later. This was a week ago and I have not heard anything from her since. No text. No call.

I understand that people get busy and I have not pressed the issue. I also understand that she is not yet over her current situation and is hurt by it daily. However, this is someone I would talk to almost every day for over two months. Someone who has called me their closest friend on multiple occasions. I am a little confused but more importantly curious if at this point I should make it a waiting game or if I should try her again again?