I don't trust my girlfriend.

Hi guys, basically I just don't trust my girlfriend, I don't know what to do, I can't tell if I'm paranoid or if I really should not trust her, and I could really do with some advice because I suck at relationships. I'll try and keep it short. We got together about a month ago after I went... Show More

Maybe I haven't made this clear - I WAS in an open relationship. WE'RE NOT IN AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP ANYMORE SINCE SHE ASKED ME TO BE EXCLUSIVE WITH HER.
I should probably mention that the other day some guy on Facebook randomly sent me a message telling me that she's cheating on me. She says he said that because she wouldn't show him her boobs? Hmmm...
I got a friend to send her a message on Facebook and ask her to meet him. She agreed to meet him, even told him he was hot. When she was asked if she had a boyfriend she said "yeah but not for much longer haha". You guys were right, she was a cheat.

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  • Dude, you need to seriously leave this girl. I am sorry to be honest, but this girl has some serious issues. you have a right not to trust her because, yes, having guy friends is innocent and could be nothing but true friends wouldn't ask her to have sex with them, especially if they know she is with you. its called respecting friend boundaries, which they aren't doing. it is so funny that she would immediately go for having another guy spend the night right after yall discuss and agree to an open relationship. seeing how its weird to have an open relationship so early in yalls relationship itself. to have a true, trusted open relationship, you have to know and trust your partner in the first place and that takes time to do before you can say " yes, I trust her to go out and flirt with other men" because what you are doing right now is just being her f**k buddy. she went and read your text messages, seriously? not cool at all. if its an open relationship, what you said to another girl shouldn't matter, but since it does and she did that, its not a true open relationship. hell its not even a real relationship at all. she wants you to ONLY be with her, while she goes around SLEEPING with other me. I don't think so. this chick is a serious SLUT. I would break up with her all together. and if you choose, maybe she will still sleep with you, but if I were you, I wouldn't sleep with her either, she might have something... you just never know. good luck dude.

    • Thanks for the honest reply. I've finished with her now and I'm not even talking to her.

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    • you were upset over what I said? I am terribly sorry. I just try to be honest. I study human behavior, psychology and human behavior is my life and has been since I was younger. if it is happening the way you say it is then what I replied is what I see is going on. all I do is try to help people before it gets too deep into a relationship to be able to get out.

    • No not upset over you lol, I mean the message she sent to my friend agreeing to meet him, telling him that he's hot and stuff.