In texting, how often is "too often"?

So I have this guy friend who's my crush and my bestie (as in I talk to him all the time minus boy stuff, because he is my crush, so it'd be weird to talk about him to himself...). I text/chat him once in a while, like every 2-3 days. Sometimes we have a convo, but during the weekdays, it's usually just me sending random funny links and news articles, because he's working and is very busy (I know that for a fact...not like some lame "work's busy" excuse). So the convo is usually just me sending the stuff, and he doesn't really answer, unless it's on weekends/he got time. So...I guess I sort of worry if that's too much or too less, but I don't want to just send a lame message like, "hi, what's up" and have it end at that. When does texting/chatting/emailing becomes "too often" and goes into a "ok this girl's annoying" zone? What do you guys/girls think?

Another thing: I find his job as super cool and hot (it can be seen as ubernerdy but I find it hot). I've told him several times that I think he has a cool awesome job, but should I use the "hot" word? Is that kinda weird...?



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  • It is too much. You're contacting him almost all the time and he's barely even answering, honestly it looks a little desp on your part even if he is busy. I'd back off him a bit.

    • I wouldn't say that as contacting all the time, and when we talk, we talk for hours. I dunno, I guess when something exciting happens, I'd like to share. Thanks.

    • So then save it for the weekends when he's around. If you contact him less, it will also make him miss you more. But it's your call.

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  • When it interferes with your life.