In texting, how often is "too often"?

So I have this guy friend who's my crush and my bestie (as in I talk to him all the time minus boy stuff, because he is my crush, so it'd be weird to talk about him to himself...). I text/chat him once in a while, like every 2-3 days. Sometimes we have a convo, but during the weekdays, it's... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • It is too much. You're contacting him almost all the time and he's barely even answering, honestly it looks a little desp on your part even if he is busy. I'd back off him a bit.

    • I wouldn't say that as contacting all the time, and when we talk, we talk for hours. I dunno, I guess when something exciting happens, I'd like to share. Thanks.

    • So then save it for the weekends when he's around. If you contact him less, it will also make him miss you more. But it's your call.