Why does my guy friend call me baby?

Why does my guy friend call me baby. He never called me that before and now when ever he calls me or when I call him he calls me baby. Could this mean he is really liking me more.


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  • I would think so. If not it would be really confusing if he got a girlfriend and kept calling you baby in front of her, right? I would make a subtle move like trying to hold his hand and see what happens. If you feel it isn't going the way you want, play it off as a joke, I would say "look at you, trying to hold my hand already. I'm on to you, lol." And I'd take my hand away. And give a hip check. And laugh.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, I only call a girl baby or babe if I REALLY like her.

    • I've known this guy for a month and a bit. He's never given me a hug neither when we met or when he said goodbye. Normally he just said goodbye and waved his hand to me. He hardly touches me unless necessary. Lately he calls me "baby' sometimes but I don't want to think too much about this as I don't to be disappointed if he doesn't like me that way. I don't know if he calls other female friends "baby" or not. I don't really know what he thinks about me.

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  • It could mean he likes you. But it could mean he just likes calling you that. I've got a lot of guy friends that call me baby and babe.