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If a girl only has guy friends?

For some reason, girls just do not like me. I am not a boyfriend stealer, nor am I a skank. All of my friends are guys with the occasional female... Show More

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  • > Would having all guy friends scare off potential suitors (lol only word I could use to describe it)?

    Perhaps, especially if you're always in the company of those friends.

    > also, are guys as judgmental and mean as many girls are/can be?

    Not in my experience. Is this just something that you're interested in in addition to your main question or is there some connection that I fail to see?

What Guys Said 6

  • it would seem like allot of competition even if there wasn't any, would depend on your relationships with them, if they were dating, that stuff might help.

    men will judge women as sluts very easily and unfairly sometimes, that's usually about as far as it goes, unless your a bitch or something.

  • As long as you don't become a slut I don't see the problem. I know a lot of girls that are similar and their reason is that they don't like the drama that girls are associated with.

  • yes, however if those guys you hang around with, have girlfriends, then you wouldn't scare any guys away.

  • it would repel me, too much competition

  • I'd be pretty intimidated.

What Girls Said 2

  • Yes , guys are judgmental and mean , only not in the same aspects as girls.

    Yeah , your guy friends are going to scare off your potential boyfriends.

    I love having guy friends ;they are better somethimes , but also the girlfriends

  • same here, and the guy that tries to talk to me or I am talking to usually doesn't like it. Or he doesn't understand, he says you do realize they all like you, or they will try to get with you. and girls and guys being friends someone catches feelings. I try to hang out with the guy I like without first him seeing all of my friends until he gets to know ME better, so he doesn't judge or make assumptions. scared off the last one he just didn't get it.

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