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When your boyfriend calls you "my love"?

We've been dating almost 5 months, have a great relationship, his actions show me he really cares, he's always there for me. So yeah, last night I... Show More

Its not really a question, as much as wondering if he's trying to tell me he's in love with me, etc.

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  • lol. why blow it up? its a act of caring. its not like he busted the big I love you

    when used in a sentence like that. its still considered a meaning before love.

    its like trying to put ill make it up to you tomorrow my friend? my girl? don't sound right?


    • yeah but that's the first time he's ever said it that way, he's usually always said babe or baby. "Ill make it up to you tomorrow babe" would have been what he'd say. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he's said it, and I love him. He's been a lot more affectionate and sweet lately.

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  • first time my ex called me my love, it was her way of saying "i love you" for the first time without actually saying it. I know this cause she told me she loved me a week later. said she wasn't sure if I felt the same way so she hesitated, and I thought that was cute.

    so yeah, I think he loves you. feel free to jump in the air and yell "yay!" cause I know how I amazing you must feel now : )

    • well, we broke up like 2 months ago. He openly said he didn't love me, even though he'd been saying "i love you" back to me for like, a month and a half. Soooo yeah.

    • o my bad... I didn't see that it was a 4 month old Q.

      i'm sorry to hear that. I know what its like to break up with someone you love, not pleasant...

  • i don't see a question...but I can tell you its a good sign. He cares about you a lot and he probably is beginning to fall in love with you. He wants to make sure that your always safe and that he can be there to make sure that you are...thats why he said "ill make it up to you my love". But you know all this already

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