Why would he say we're just friends but then get mad when I talked to other men?

i been friends with this guy since may we hit it really well we started hanging out meeting each other families I end up catching feelings for him but he always say we're just friend but when I talk to other men go out with them he gets mad at me saying he knew he wasn't good enough for me that he can't make me happy I don't understand him why would he care what I do if we're just friends?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Guys are really honest when it comes to things like this... I think you should take it for what it is he says you're just friends... then you guys are just friends... I think you are reading in between the lines trying to see something that isn't there... just because you two have met each others families really doesn't say much these days... I introduce most of my friends to my family... Family bbqs... going out to bars... things like that..

    My questions for you

    1. have ya'll done anything that would show you that you are talking/dating? going on actual dates.. kissing good night... holding hands?

    2. does he introduce you as a friend... "Mom/ Dad this is my FRIEND.. "jessica"" or does he say "mom/dad this is jessica"

    3. have you met his friends.. best friend...

    4. what are your conversttions like? does he tell you about ex's and things like that


    1. No

    2. says friend

    3. No

    4. we talk about everything including ex's

    you guys are really GOOD friends (don't ask what ya'll are)


    1.yes we hold hands... go on dates just the two of us... cheek peeks

    2. does not say friend

    3. yes all of them

    4. we talk about our day and we text for the most of the day until we can talk

    you have reason to ask the question... he likes you but is sending mixed signals when he says "we are just friends"

    Hope this helps.. good luck!