I suspect my boyfriend using drugs!!!


I recently started suspecting that my boyfriend is taking drugs. There is no definite signs, but I suspect him occasionally (I hope) using cocaine. He used to be really against drugs, but now he doesn't mind when his friend uses them in his company and he goes out with that guy quite often just on his own. Last time we were out, he came back home 2 hrs after we left the club slightly depressed and all wear out and, most worryingly he woke up sniffing like he had flu. That lasted just one day though. I also seen his bank account being in big minus. I know, he is trying to "seed the day" and might be going over the limit and debt could slowly built up, but after things I mentioned I feel really worried. Is my ground to worry real? How could I find it out without making him scared and even more careful?


Most Helpful Guy

  • oh snap. I have had a lot of friends into this stuff... and sorry to break it to ya, but from what it sounds like he's DEFIDENTLY into drugs. That sniffing could have also been Meth, every time you sniff through your nose, you get a bigger buzz.

    The bank account, he's either buying for personal use or buying to resell it getting a larger profit.

    His diet will also change. Heavy drugs like coke, meth, etc are REALLY intense, he won't feel hungry because he can't even think.

    there really isn't a way to scare them out of it. As I mentioned, I have a few friends into that stuff and once they are addicted... the consequences are catostrophic, no overexaggeration.