Best way to make a girl miss you? Girls and guys answer.

Girls, what makes you miss a guy you've been flirting with?

Guys, what did you do to make a girl miss you?

  • Completely Ignore Her on FB, Only Respond to Texts When She Messages First
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  • Go Out with Other Girls and Make Sure She Knows
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  • Keep Being "Just Friends" Until She Is Ready to Go Out With You
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  • I hate when a guy just all the sudden stops talking to me, it makes me think that he just doesn't care anymore and eventually it makes me think well if he doesn't want to talk anymore I'm not wasting my time waiting around for him, and tend to move on.

    • I talk to her when I see her, but I've been waiting for her to text me before I text her back, Are you saying you think that when he stops texting you first as well, or only when he ignores you in person?

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    • I know exactly how you feel. I wish some guys would just grow some fckn balls and tell us girls to our faces why the f*** they just dropped us. bastards!

    • 3mo

      @Freetobe007 it could be because you never text them first, and just wait for them to start contact all the time. then when they tell you they like you, you have this inner alarm that says "*head roll* ahaha, that's cute. ya great. let's be friends!*" - and this is what you say even if you do like the guy.

      because you "can't seem desperate" and the guy needs to "work at it."
      well, you completely ignore he was working on it. in fact 90% of the relationship just far,
      and he just told you he likes you.

      And you're always doing option A.

      -- so why the F shouldn't he blow you off? You want an explanation too/
      YOU ARE SELFISH. OBLIVIOUS. DELUSIONAL. I wish men were not attracted to your bodies.
      You offer nothing else.

What Girls Said 44

  • If you ignore her all over the place then she'll probably start thinking you're mad at her, or that you hate her, etc.

    If you go out with other girls and "make sure she knows", she'll probably give up or feel like she has no chance with you.

    If you just keep being friends then feelings may or not develop, depending on whether or not you make any efforts to show her you like her.

    You don't have to force her miss you or whatever to get her to like you.. just be there for her and show her you care, it's not so hard..

    • well I already know she likes me, that's not the problem. The problem is that I told her I liked her via text message and she said she just wanted to be friends, so I'm just trying to figure out the best way to get back to flirting hardcore with her as we did boyfriend I told her, cause by me telling her I kinda ruined the "chase" and now we just flirt a little here and there, so out of the three which is best to make her think: hey I miss him maybe I should gv him a chance to be more than a friend?

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    • haha I'm not trying to be fake, I really care about her, I think she is just a bit of an attention getter. Also, I'm gonna try and do something fun with her one day, like a movie or lunch or something. Then not pay attention to her for a week or so. Hopefully by me ignoring her after we do something fun she will see me as not so clingy and make her wonder what I've been doing for a week if you get my point, so that she tells herself that she better give me a chance before I get uninterested in her.

    • Well, good luck, anyways.

  • If you're friends with her then suddenly ignores her, that will definitely make her miss you...

  • ignore her it works, it makes you jealous as hell and wonder what else or who else is in their life. However, you musn't completely ignore her, text her at least once a week, but only send a few texts and make sure she is last to reply in the sequence. Make sure you always seem happy with your life and how things are going, this will send her brain into overdrive and keep you on her mind. I would also advise going to the gym, new clothes work on your appearance slightly, she will think she has competion and you become more appealing, then after some time doing this casually ask her out for food/drink whatever and then you MUST show interest comment how she looks, smile alot, flirt with her and if all this doesn't work MOVE ON, and put your energy into something more productive...Good luck

  • a is ridiculously harsh. no girl wants to be treated like that. either it will crush her or p*ss her off and she'll move on. b is not going to get her to miss you. again, it will crush her or she will just accept it and move on. and making sure she knows it just makes you a jerk. a balance between a and c is your best bet. don't ignore her but don't text her or talk to her all the time. be her friend, but not her best friend. and don't treat her like crap. no girl wants or deserves to be ignored.

    • yep, I agree, that's kinda what I've decided to do after looking at other answers and getting feedback, still gonna flirt with her, but not as much and make sure not to seem like she is all I think about, even though she really is lol :) and I would never just flat out ignore her, but what I was thinking when I put a down, is that I shouldn't hv to intiate contact every time, so I would let her do it for a while :)

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    • Funny, that's not what the women in my life taught me.

    • "On the face of it it might seem that girls are turned off by that"

      yes it might indeed because in fact, they are. dude, I'm a girl and I have many close girl friends who I talk about guys with...i think I would know? girls WANT attention you wonder you feel like your time isn't worth much. no girl is going to want you if you can't treat her right!

  • I miss it when I really like a guy and he stops hanging out with me because he's "busy." :(

    • I know girls do the same blowoff technique by saying their "busy". It sucks because if they don't wanna be around me then tell me! so I can move on lol

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    • Yeah! It sucks so bad, epsecially since you keep caring about them until they give you a definite no! And its like months later!

    • Sometimes even after that I have a hard time getting over him. That bugs me to death. -_- That is so annoying.

  • Yeah ignoring her would probably be the one to make her miss you. But in saying so you would have to think twice about doing it because yes she might miss you when you're ignoring her but when you want her to get serious and give her attention it might be a turn off. In other words, she might just be in it for the fun of the chase but doesn't want to be caught.

  • I always miss my boyfriend, but that's just because we're FORCED to be apart Mon-Thurs. Moving sucks.

  • A - stupid

    B - even more idiotic

    C - you could try that...but end up making her bitter and she just moves on

    Try going on a short trip. Say you have a small surgical procedure on your knee done or something...she'll be worried about you AND the mere fact that you're not going to be around her will definitely get to her. She might not call you or message you, but you can be sure she is missing you LIKE CRAZY!

    (if you don't want to be a little on the mean side, you can skip the surgical procedure thing...and just get out for a few days) - 3 days will seem like 3 years! xD

  • C because the first two answers are ways to hurt her and make her think that you are not interested. I would not like to be treated like that, so I wouldn't miss a guy who did that. If your around she can see how great you are ( if you are great) =p

  • If you have intentions of going out with the girl don't ignore her on facebook, or go out with other girls. and you've gotta text her as long as she responds...don't try playing hard to get a whole lot it's not gonna be successful for very long.

    I'd say if you wanna go out with her then just take a while between responses and that'll keep her in suspence and wanting more

  • Yeah, I get realllllllyyyy pissed when he ignores me on facebook! xD I like miss him a lot then!

    But I would never initiate so it would be better if he texted or talked to me after a while cause then he would have taken it too far and I'd move on =/

    • Well, what does he do that you usually miss on FB?

  • Make her fall in love with you..

    Do sweet things, that will get her thinking.. don't treat her bad, like ignore her and stuff... trust me, that's a big mistake. :)


  • if you want a girl to miss you, probably you should ignore her for a while.

  • You should have an option for none of the above. The first two are game playing maneuvers and would turn me off. "A" would make me think they guy's not interested or that he's playing hard to get, in either case I'd move on. "B" would make me think he's a player or the type who enjoys making girls jealous and would get the same reaction as "A." And "C" sounds like the normal dating routine, but it wouldn't make me miss someone...

    The thing that makes me miss my boyfriend is not seeing him every day. Those days we spend away from each other make me long for the next day that I'll get to see him :) Same thing applied when we were still in the flirting/dating stage.

    • well, I only see her once a week, sometimes twice a week. So, what do I do when I don't see her that often, this may sound childish, but we poke each other on FB everyday, would it matter if I didn't poke her back for a while, or does this really not mean anything?

    • That doesn't really mean anything. It sounds like you're over thinking things. It's not really anything you DO that makes someone miss you. If you have a good time with somebody and they enjoy the time they spend with you. Then they'll automatically miss you when you're not around. So basically it's whether or not she likes you that will decide whether or not she'll miss you.

    • yeah that makes sense, I just came off as too strong, and I should hv just kept playing the flirting game with her, I never should have told her I liked her in the first place

  • ignoring a girl does not work. The girl just thinks you don't like her and she will move on

  • if we don't see him for awhile, if he talks (not too flirty though) with other girls, if we like him in the first place. it's different for everyone.

  • Go for Letter A..IGnore hehe he's online and I'm online too but were not talking to each other hahaha well its not my fault anyway he dump me 3x so I guess its better to ignore him than to talk.

  • Just ignore her. She will start to wonder what is wrong and you will become one of the main things on her mind, whether she likes you romantically or not.

  • No contact at all.

  • Acting like a jerk isn't going to make her miss you its going to make her move on but if the convo is going no where. then stop talking intill she picks it up

  • Ha, the first one will get you a girl that's uninterested and already moved on.

  • If I really like a guy, I will miss him every moment I'm not with him. there's not really something he does. Just be fun and don't act like an obsessed stalker.

  • I only miss a guy and think about him a lot if I have feelings for him or we are really good friends.

    • true, I know she likes me, I'm just wondering of things to do or not to do that would make her want to hang out with me, like should I just act normal like nothing is happening or should I ignore her for a while to let her know she hurt me when she said she just wants to be friends after I put my self out there telling her I like her, I'm just looking for ideas to get us back to flirting like we did before I told her I liked her, thanks :)

  • treat her right :P

  • I start missing a guy after he's "ignored" me for an entire day. Then start wondering why he hasn't talked to me or texted me. But when it reaches the 3-4 day mark, then I start getting kind of mad at him for it. Not in a 'I'm gonna hurt/ignore you back and see how you like it' kind of way, but just anger for him ignoring me for so long thing. I get over it and happy again once I've heard from him again though.

  • I absolutely hate it when a guy ignores me on facebook and I can totally tell when they're doing it too. It just makes them seem like an asshole. Also if a guy was going out with other girls and stuff, I would just think he didn't like me and he's a player. If you want a girl to miss you don't ignore her just don't initiate anything. and then if you don't talk to her for about a week, text her and ask if she misses you yet . Or next time you see her after a long time, say "Hey, Have you missed me? :)"

    • yep, that's the approach I'm taking, letting her initiate and texting her every 4 or 5 days, I've tried ignoring her lol, I can't do it, I'm too in love with her :)

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    • Or what if when I see her after a long time I say "hvnt seen you in a while, hv you missed me as much as I've missed you" and look her in the eyes whole I'm saying this with a smile on my face?

    • Yeah that would be very sweet. I would love for a guy to say that to me even if I didn't like him, I would think it was the sweetest thing to say ever!

  • Mostly Just Don't Text Her Or Just Don't Text Her First , Make Her Text You First ! &' Don't Talk To Her For Awhilee It Will Make Her Miss You .

  • Dont talk to her for a while

  • pause for a day or two. just a day or two. not much otherwise it will create confusion and might have negative result.

  • cute question :)

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  • Don't make a lot of efforto stay in contact, especially not at first, put the ball in her court. If you don't hear from her it wasn't meant to be.

    If you have to chase after her all the time and beg for attention, you're wasting your time.

    • i'm in a similar situation. She's very attracted to me but is in a tough spot emotionally. So I backed off a lot. I don't text her. The only time I talk to her is over Facebook. and she initiates EVERY conversation. We don't have amazing conversations, but she starts it and I end it. I'm very positive and have shown that my life is going on fine.

      Is this looking good for me? or does the fact that we don't have deep conversations bad? I don't ignore her chats. I respond to them all the time

    • or how do I know if she just wants attention?

  • Be like Ryan Gosling from The Notebook. Show her good interest and then start taking it away slowly if she thinks she has you wrapped around her finger. She'll go crazy.

    Always enjoy life and look like you are. she'll wonder what's happening in your life and start missing you

  • I've tried A and C, they never do sh*t. A just makes it so she stops talking to you and you lose her from your life and C just hurts you because you keep waiting and she keeps looking for someone else. So I said B because hey, why not try going out with someone else? The person you really want to go out with won't date you so instead of getting hung up on them and staying single, look for someone else. And in case it doesn't work between you and the new person, if you can prove by dating that girl that you are a good boyfriend to have or can manage to make her jealous enough to want you and be willing to give you a chance, win win.

  • Win the lottery!

  • change your number

  • Get in the habit of calling every day before you goto bed then stop calling. Whenever anyone has this level of expectation and it isn't met, they have a tendency to miss the person (or more importantly that stimulus).

    • i don't want to start calling/texting her everyday, cause I think that would make me look desperate/stalkerish, lol, I'm trying to make her miss me on her own

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    • i agree about some of those, but I think I'll leave the creepy sweater remarks out, LOL :)

    • omg you hit this!

  • Don't ignore her, go with other girls instead. If you ignore her, she will know that you are giving her too much importance and she will think you are immature. If you go out with other girls and still talk to her, she will know that you just don't give a damn about her and you have more options open which in turn will make her want you more since you are more wanted by other girls.

    • thats true, I didn't think about me intentionally ignoring her as giving her attention lol, that's messed up, my problem is that we only see each other like 2 times a week, so the only way she can see if I'm flirting with other girls is through FB

    • Don't ignore her that's dumb, she will KNOW what you are doing. She will be more confused when you are the effort on somebody else than her instead, do you know what I mean? Don't treat her badly, but just tease her, make fun of her you know, don't give her that much importance. Then you can go back and flirt with her.

    • Well, I will text her if she texts me first, but I always hv texted her first, so I hv only been texting her when she does first, so how do I get back to texting her, I just don't want to sound random, like "how was your day" I want her to think that I care, but not that she is all I'm thinking about, even though she is, lol, I don't want to seem desperate, she is really the first girl I've texted that I've liked, lol, so advice in texting would be appreciated, thanks :)

  • I have a female friend who we have been talking about 6 months now and we would call each other so many times a day (I counted 20 times) that we ran out of stuff to talk about.. So we cooled off for about 6 days or so and she called back first telling how it felt like it's been forever since we last talked.

  • Science says ignoring a girl tends to make them more interested in you (on average). So ya, A would seem the way to go if you really wanted to make her miss you and crap. As for me? Meh, I go with C in life and don't care to play those stupid games.

    • True, but she has been playing the flirting game with me from the beginning, and after I was honest and told her that I really liked her more than a friend, and she lost interest after that, so I tried the "real life" approach and I feel if I don't play a little game with her I may lose her forever, I'm leaning toward A and C as a combination, ignore her everywhere except when we are together in person

    • Tell her to f*** off cause she just showed how immature and weakminded she is. You show interest and she runs? She's an immature little girl even if her age says otherwise. Tell her to literally f*** off and find someone else.

  • Just let her know your life is going on perfectly fine without seeming as if you are trying to deliberately convey that message.

    Don't call her, text her, or Facebook her. Go to the gym, work on the way you look, go out and have fun.

    Chances are she'll see that you're not that eaten up over her and that she can't manipulate you.

  • Jump to their left just as they pull the trigger.

  • Just wait 2-3 days every time before you establish contact.

  • personally I am going to try staying off fb for a while and see ignoring would be stupid..

  • Ignore her, if she likes you she will miss you and you can get her to admit it (I did it and she admitted it, so now she can't say NO, I didn't miss you). The thing though, is why you want her to miss you? Is she being hot and cold? If so this is the best way to go, because you will show her that you don't go around playing her little mind games. Some people will tell you "dont ignore her, that's mean!" but seriously, some girls need help growing up and all you are doing in giving her that little push she needs. You gotta be willing to do it for a while, a week or two, if she talks to you, respond, be polite, but act extremely uninterested, don't initiate any conversations. After you've done it, go up to her, talk to her like nothing happened, then ask if she missed you and you will have your answer.