Why does my ex-boyfriend always look at me when I'm not looking?

I only have him in one of my classes, where I met him, and whenever I'm looking down to write or just don't feel like looking up, I feel someone looking at me, and when I put my head up, he's staring at me. And then he quickly looks away. Or when we walk in the hallways, he stares at me when I walk by.

I really need to know, what he's trying to "say." Because it's totally making me angry, because he never talks to me anymore. And he won't even TRY to be my friend. He only ever talks to me when he needs help with something...


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  • Did you ever think you may be paranoid? We see things in the corner of our eyes that are not always there or what they seem. He may not be looking at you as much as you think. I think you should really work on moving on and keeping him off your mind. You already know this but you're trying to get validation from this website. Sometimes getting what you want to hear isn't the right way to go about things.

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      You're right. And all though I may be seeing it like that. That maybe he really wasn't looking at me; he also could have been. But thankyou (: That was actually the best answer here. I am over him. He's a year ahead of me, so from now on we won't have any classes together. It was only one class because he failed it so many times. Thanks!