My boyfriend is a cat guy and it bothers me.

Why does it bug me so much that my boyfriend is so overly obsessed with his cat? I love my boyfriend, and our relationship is nearly perfect. But his cat-obsessing is a turn-off. His cat doesn't even like me : O He has even said once "I love you even more than I love my cat" WELL GEE I WOULD HOPE SO, I am a human being!

How can I get over this?

Ok really. This is annoying people. Stop answering the question. It doesn't matter anymore. It's months old, and why do you think I selected a BEST ANSWER. Because I'm done with it. lol. PS: I got my boyfriend to fall in love with pet rats, like me.


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  • As much as I like cats.

    I think cat obsesed men are far to effiminate and boardering on gay. It's cool to like your pet, but not be obsesed.

    I hope he doesn't have a mug with hhis cats picture printed on it, or worse, a t shirt.


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  • Hey that's quite a compliment. Cats are very difficult to get to know but once tey trust you they are very affectionate. How many women can say the same?

    • Good point. I'll try to look at it that way.

  • The guy adores his cat, he shows his capabilities to assert his feelings. Most girls would love to be in your shoes! Especially when he says he loves you more than his cat too!

    You look at that likes it's nothing, because you don't feel the way he does toward his cat. If you look from his side it's a huge compliment. He loves his cat, that part is obvious to you, he loves you more than his cat, this part you reject because to you "it's just a cat", but to him it's an animal he loves and cares a lot about.

    You haven't explained why it bothers you by the way. It's something positive he has in his life, that makes him happy. You also say everything else is nearly perfect between you guys. You should ask yourself why it bothers you so much, especially when it's something positive in his life, it should make you feel good to see him happy, but instead it's upseting to you.

    Are you jaelous of the attention he gives his cat, you want 100% of his attention to yourself? Or is it something else?

  • the cat will die before you.

    • The cat will [probably] die before you.

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    • think he was probably joking

    • hahaha! LOL

  • Yeah but we get 3 points to answer Q's, don't give a rat's ass it's months old ^^

  • He;s had his cat for years, you for less time than his cat presumably. Pets are family often times. So yeah you're a human being, doesn't mean he'll put his cat's life over yours but he may have more affection for hsi pet than for you.

  • I am a cat you wish to become friends with the cat?...if not you should probably find someone else..if so...I can help u...

  • I wouldn't push the issue. If my cat doesn't like my girlfriend then perhaps it is aware of something I am not. Come to think of it one of my ex's my cat didn't like and it took me a little while to realize how horrible the match was.


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  • It's OK. My ex loved his cat. Yes, I thought it was weird, but if a dude loves animals, he's probably a good person.

    • " but if a dude loves animals, he's probably a good person."

      bottom line.

  • are you jealous of his cat?

    • No offense Shaun, but why are you answering a question that was directed towards me?

  • this would bug me too and for some reason yeah I wouldn't be able to hang with this at. all. lol

    I don't know why but this would not be attractive to me at all like guys say> instant boner killer... yeah that's what this would do for me :S good luck sister :\