My boyfriend is a cat guy and it bothers me.

Why does it bug me so much that my boyfriend is so overly obsessed with his cat? I love my boyfriend, and our relationship is nearly perfect. But his cat-obsessing is a turn-off. His cat doesn't even like me : O He has even said once "I love you even more than I love my cat" WELL GEE I WOULD HOPE SO, I am a human being!

How can I get over this?

Ok really. This is annoying people. Stop answering the question. It doesn't matter anymore. It's months old, and why do you think I selected a BEST ANSWER. Because I'm done with it. lol. PS: I got my boyfriend to fall in love with pet rats, like me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • As much as I like cats.

    I think cat obsesed men are far to effiminate and boardering on gay. It's cool to like your pet, but not be obsesed.

    I hope he doesn't have a mug with hhis cats picture printed on it, or worse, a t shirt.