Boyfriend talks to ex lovers?

BF is still talking to ex lovers. Sending them messages 'Hey Sexy miss you.' Why do I keep putting up with this I know its wrong and that I shouldn't put up with it yet I still continue too. Even if he hasn't cheated on me sending messages to other women like that is wrong. He never calls me sexy Yet sais he needs someone like me Because I'm a good girl. I hate being taken advantage off =( Why can't I just leave it... I'm not normally like this...


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  • That's not normal and you should be concerned. You're probably putting up with it because you have feelings for him and you don't like the idea of going through a break-up. You should let him know that this bothers you and he must stop. Otherwise, I'd suggest finding a new boyfriend who DOES call you "Sexy". They're easy to find.


    • This isn't the first time I've busted him... he's texted his ex unappropriate things and lied to me about calling her. I seriously need to put an end to this. =( I just want someone to treat me right

    • There are lots of guys who WILL treat you right. You should never settle for someone when there are plenty of people just waiting for you.


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  • Miss I believe you can do so much better than having this person in your life. Find a guy that will want to call you sexy all the time and treat you right and proper.

  • Why again are you with this man?

  • There is not any reason for any man or woman to be in constant communication with any ex, when they are in a relationship.

    The only two reasons they should be communicating, if they have kids together, or some business. Other than that, they should not be in constant communication with their ex.

    If the they are speaking to the ex, even though your mate will tell you they don't have feelings with them anymore..keep in mind the ex still have feeling for your mate.

    Do not believe that you can be mature and be friends with an ex...

    My advice to you...Tell him not to communicate with his ex anymore. They should only communicate once a year, to say Happy New Year..Even that is too much communication with an ex.

    • I SO agree! I think any type of comuication is too much though..unless it is for business or kids. You shouldn't even be acquaintances with them.

  • Leave this guy alone. He is what women call a "player". Do not be another one of his "victims"

  • be hard because he is definately deceiveing u

    so the best is to forget him , it could be hard but it will be in favour of you later

    try you search another sincere guy thay could be around you and to finding him possiblily is 10%

    so go forward and forget your past

    be hard babe

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  • You should not put up with it. Period. If he's not willing to give those up, he's not worthy of you.

  • Girl. get on plenty of fish and get a new guy. this guy screams SLLLEEEEAAAAZZZZEEEE


    Txting an ex is a no no... and if they are steamy that's even more of a no no.

    You need to stand up for yourself and dump that creep.

    Since this is not the first time you have caught him doing this. I say you take that as a sign and walk out on him. Don't look back hunn, you deserve to be respected and called Sexi!

  • You need to leave. Even if he has physically cheated on you, he emotionally has and it is only a matter of time before he goes the next step. Him calling you a "good girl" means "door mat" in this sit. You need to cut your losses. It will hurt, but you need to do so, especially with this douche bag. If you are a 'good girl' you need a 'good MAN' to match you and respect you.

    • Thanks I just want someone to love me and if I'm going to do the right thing by them and treat them right then I want the same from them. =(

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    • I have to hop in here and completely agree with 'Rubies' since her and I seem to be giving you the same answer here! :)


    • =)

  • He is cheating its text cheating tell him I am your girlfriend and you should only

    Be texting me not your exs they have nothing to do with you any more and its disrespectful to me and to us as a couple and if you don't stop texting them and keep treating me like crap its over

    between us and I am sexy and I am going to find a good man who thinks I am sexy and who will love me and respect me because its clear you don't

  • that is really odd. I mean like if I caught my guy doing that, then I would investigate. it sounds like they're having a relationships. not cool. not cool. um but don't you know yell and get angry. I would just cut ties. well it's up to you but it sounds suspicious.

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