Boyfriend talks to ex lovers?

BF is still talking to ex lovers. Sending them messages 'Hey Sexy miss you.' Why do I keep putting up with this I know its wrong and that I shouldn't put up with it yet I still continue too. Even if he hasn't cheated on me sending messages to other women like that is wrong. He never calls me sexy Yet sais he needs someone like me Because I'm a good girl. I hate being taken advantage off =( Why can't I just leave it... I'm not normally like this...

Most Helpful Guy

  • That's not normal and you should be concerned. You're probably putting up with it because you have feelings for him and you don't like the idea of going through a break-up. You should let him know that this bothers you and he must stop. Otherwise, I'd suggest finding a new boyfriend who DOES call you "Sexy". They're easy to find.


    • This isn't the first time I've busted him... he's texted his ex unappropriate things and lied to me about calling her. I seriously need to put an end to this. =( I just want someone to treat me right

    • There are lots of guys who WILL treat you right. You should never settle for someone when there are plenty of people just waiting for you.