Best personality trait on a person?

What is the best personality trait to you, that would suit your personality well?(Just one that you feel really good about)


Intelligence, Humor, Confidence, Shyness,Insecurity, Ambitious,Good Values, Care-free, Sweetness, Sensitivity, Masculinity, Femininity...etc.

The poll is limited because I can't write all personality traits. (I picked sweetness)

  • Sense of Humor
    43% (46)30% (15)39% (61)Vote
  • Intelligence
    13% (14)14% (7)13% (21)Vote
  • Confidence
    12% (13)22% (11)15% (24)Vote
  • Sweetness
    25% (26)28% (14)26% (40)Vote
  • Other
    7% (7)6% (3)7% (10)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think open-mindedness is a really admirable trait.

    • What do you call an open-minded person?

    • Someone willing to consider new ideas and opinions, who won't rush to conclusions without any persuasive evidence. They're capable of evaluating ideas objectively, even if at that moment it conflicts with their own. It's the mark of someone who isn't bigoted, or at least they can recognize it when they are, and work to fix it.

    • Thanks :)

What Girls Said 17

  • For people in general, I highly value sincerity.

    For friends, I love those with humor.

    For guys, I admire those with similar values.

  • I voted humor, even though intelligence and being smart in general are very important traits as well. And trustworthy!

  • For me its a sense of humour :)

  • It was a hard choice but I chose confidence first, after being torn between that, sense of humor and intelligence. Those are equally important to me, but my reasoning is that if someone isn't confident, I won't really look twice at you no matter how funny or smart you are. And even if I notice those two traits first, if I find out someone is too insecure it's a turn off.

    So yeah, confidence is that foundation.

  • Respectful

  • Good values.

  • Humour. I want someone who can make me laugh, first and foremost. Nothing like a funny guy to lighten up your day :)

  • all of the above

  • It's not up there, but I admire compassion most.If my guy can't be considerate and caring towards others,it's a deal breaker.

  • Respect and honesty about all else are the keys to a good relationship

  • Intelligence any day.

  • sense of humor and intelligence.

  • #1. Similar values

    and honesty.

    followed by sense of humor

  • humour all the way!

  • Consistency and reliability together...

  • A all the way, a sense of humor can get a couple through a ton of sticky situations.


What Guys Said 9

  • Intelligence, please.


  • Occupational arrogance is the best...

  • Good choice ☺

  • definatly humour!

  • Confidence or Sweetness, probably loyalty :)

  • Honesty. Give me an honest b-stard any day, at least I know where they stand.

  • It would be best if she had a great Sense of Humor. I don't think I'm that funny, so for her to be able to find me funny... yay lol.

    • Wait, did the question have anything to do with what kind of personality you want in a girl lol?

    • Yeah

    • Haha, sweet as then.

  • i want a sweet and cute girl to hold.

  • A mix of many personality traits are important to me.

    Honesty is valued and respected.

    Confidence is admirable and attractive.

    The ability to be "sweet" or kind can brighten your day.

    A sense of humor is important. Laughter is important in life, being able to laugh at ones self is a nice trait. It shows you have some humility.

    Intelligence is important. The ability to carry on a conversation. Being able to attain thoughts and share thoughts and views. Of course their are different types of intelligence. Most importantly I like when a person has wisdom, with that you have the recollection, foresight and ability to logically see the world for what it is.