Best personality trait on a person?

What is the best personality trait to you, that would suit your personality well?(Just one that you feel really good about)


Intelligence, Humor, Confidence, Shyness,Insecurity, Ambitious,Good Values, Care-free, Sweetness, Sensitivity, Masculinity, Femininity...etc.

The poll is limited because I can't write all personality traits. (I picked sweetness)

  • Vote A Sense of Humor
  • Vote B Intelligence
  • Vote C Confidence
  • Vote D Sweetness
  • Vote E Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think open-mindedness is a really admirable trait.

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      What do you call an open-minded person?

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      Someone willing to consider new ideas and opinions, who won't rush to conclusions without any persuasive evidence. They're capable of evaluating ideas objectively, even if at that moment it conflicts with their own. It's the mark of someone who isn't bigoted, or at least they can recognize it when they are, and work to fix it.

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      Thanks :)