If a guy calls you baby?

I have a guy friend who has never called me this before. But he said hey baby when he saw me yesterday. Why did he call me that?


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  • maybe he's starting to like you, because the only time I call girls baby is when I like then and they like me.

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  • you seem to vote down any one who says he doesn't like you...regardless at the moment it just a pet name he has given you, you can't really base a guys attraction one way or another based off a single thing like this you need to look for at least 2-3 more signs in my opinion

  • Why not? I don't believe it's anything special. I call my girlfriends (friends who are girls) things like that too, just for fun :-))

  • maybe he feels comfy around you and likes you (not nescecailly more then a friend) I mean I call female friend pet names like a lot (never baby but maybe its a cultural thing but sweety and huny I do use )

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  • A gu started calling me that last week but its just a joke :D I'm 99.9% sure it is anyway :D it can be either way I suppose :)

  • Some just say it casually to any girl. If you're the only one who tells you that, then probably he feels for you. If not, it's just another word.

  • just a pet name, no biggie