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Boyfriend says he wants to break up because he doesn't want to hurt me anymore?

What happened is this, my boyfriend and I have been going out for about a year. We're in a serious and matured relationship. I always knew that he... Show More

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  • It sounds like he is not quiet sure of what he wants. He loves you but he loves his ex. I think that it would be wise if you both took some time to figure out what you both need. For him he needs to figure out what he needs and you you need to figure out if you want to compete with his thoughts of his past. Definitely stay in contact but take your time.

    • what do I needa do to stay in contact? I tried asking him out for breakfast but he shot the thought down...i mean, I don't wana risk bugging him and be a pest...what do you think I shud do? thanks alot...

    • He is gonna have to make his own choices of course. The most you can really do is just let him know that your there as his friend. The things you can do which it sounds like your already doing is give him a call occasionally and try to hang out sometimes. Really the rest is gonna be up to him.

    • Dear all, thanks for your input...its been almost 2 months since the breakup...i'm proud to say I've been independent and I've been keeping myself pretty occupied with work and friends...i still bump into him occasionally and I tried my best to be cool about things.. he did text me twice or so throughout these 2 months to ask me how I was etc...The way I look at it, I think he's moved on ...altho I still love him and miss him so so much...i suppose I'll just have to move on too...

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  • I would say to do what you can to move on. I know that sucks to hear but you can't wait for him to decide if he wants you. Don't hang on.

  • babe...im in the same situation as you...you know just let him have his space that he need...if you talk to him just be your sweet self...but if he can't stop thinkin bout his ex there nothing you can do..my boyfriend can't forget his ex of 14 years...that was his 1st love..all I can do is be my swwetet self toward him..good luck

    • Of course no one forgets there ex but you can't let it hinder current or future relationships. You have to be fully commited in your current relationship and he doesn't sound so sure of what he wants right now.

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