Why does my boyfriend keep talking to other girls?

Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years. I'm 20 he's 18, we were planning on moving in but got into a bad fight and he broke up with me. He says I'm trying to control his life. But I'm NOT but its very unfair that he goes out with a group of friends to the movies and he invites a specific girl and I'm supposed to take it as they aren't going on a date. by the way he tells me where he's going just doesn't tell me the complete truth. The girl supposedly has a boyfriend, I know he hasn't cheated but its not fair to me. I've also seen him call girls "baby" that's a boyfriend/girlfriend type of name NOT best friend.


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  • Well actually, I have a friend who calls me baby, but he likes me. Eh, he might just not be all that invested in the relationship and is keeping back ups. He's only 18, guys barely start to think long term at 25.

    I think you should talk to him about how you feel, but really TALK, not fight and tell him you think it is disrespectful to ask girls to go out with him like that. That is of course if this isn't really a friend. If she's his friend and he wants to hang out with her you have no right to tell him what to do.

    You didn't put that much detail so I'm not sure entirely sure, but he's either seriously just going out with friends (and people of different sexes are allowed to be friends), I mean he IS going out with other people, not just her. Or he's getting interested in other girls. The best you can do is talk about it with him, see what he has to say and trust him when he most likely says there is nothing going on, really.

    Worst case scenario is he is cheating behind your back and you break up. Wouldn't be the first time it happened, but you're definitely going to kill the relationship if you're flipping out about him hanging out with friends. That IS trying to control him.

    If you're not interested in the trust gamble at this time then just break up with him.