My ex-boyfriend is flirting with me?

Hi everyone! First I just want to say, if I mess up with the English, it's because I do not have English as my first language. I am not retard or... Show More

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  • Your english is better than many people on this site who have it as their 1st language :)

    If he flirts you could flirt yourself to clarify whether he is flirting with you or not or you could ignore the flirting and just keep talking as if he's still just having a normal conversation if that makes sense

    • oh thank you! :D

      well, the thing is that I don't want any contact with him at all from now on, because he's such a douchebag :S

      if I'm ignoring him, he will probably spread more rumors that I AM a "bitch"/"mean person"/"have a personality disorder" or something like that because he gets angry.

      when we actually was in a realtionship he said stupid things behind my back so yeah... =/ but it was things like "she's a wannabe" and sh*t, so it was on that level

    • Well people know he is your ex? So if he says that then maybe people will assume he's just being jealous. If anyone listens to that if he says it they aren't worth your time either :)