Friendship bracelets for my boyfriend. I'm not sure about this? [Guys]

You know those friendship bracelets girls make that they "braid". Would it be weird if I made my boyfriend and I matching ones to wear all the time? I just thought it may be cute way to remind each other of the other one, plus I'm bored. Is that weird if a guy was wearing a "bracelet" I wouldn't make it girlie colors or anything but still.

He's sleeping now but I texted him asking what he would think of it.

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  • Go for it as long as he's not all worried about people makin fun of him. I don't think he should give a crap but then again lots of guys do care about it because there friends make fun of them. If he lieks you make em wear it lol. If you know there guna bug him make him wear it just for sh*ts and gigles

    • Yea! that's better lol thnx

    • Ahh same here, I thumbs upped to make up for it?

    • DO IT! And why do I allways get thumbs down lol

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  • I actually thought about making some for my Girlfriend, but decided against it. I think its cute if the girl does it but weird if the guy does it.

    • Aw I think it would have been cute.

  • The hard thing with that is if the guy would wear a bracelet. I wouldn't.

    • Oh. :D

    • Well turned out he said yes but he can't wear it during football.

    • And if you made it then we feel like a huge d*** for saying no. lol You should just say would you ever wear a bracelet? But I assume it's too late for that.

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  • Awfully young to be proclaiming you are a couple in this way!

    • Awfully old to be creeping on young girls wouldn't you say?

  • If he's not worried about being whipped, he might wear it.

    • I think he might be OK since it's sentimental kind of.

    • Well give it to him but don't be offended if he doesn't wear it. I always liked that kind of stuff, but different guys are different.

    • See that's what I'm worried about, although then I again I don't think he cares. Plus it's not like anyone else is going to know the reasoning unless he says so.

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  • 4d

    I think that's a sweet idea

  • i made one of those for my first boyfriend (last year) and we'r still great friends even though iv had another 2 boyfriends, and he still wears his (id wear mine but unfortunately it broke). I think its a great idea

  • My boyfriend wears a beaded bracelet that is a broader twin of my own. I can't say we are totally normal but he accepted it. That being said when I met him he already wore more jewelry than I did.

    • Hmm see when I first met my boyfriend he wore like one of those like livestrong type bracelets and a rubber one but hasn't in months. But I think those matching bracelets are cute.