Friendship bracelets for my boyfriend. I'm not sure about this? [Guys]

You know those friendship bracelets girls make that they "braid". Would it be weird if I made my boyfriend and I matching ones to wear all the time?... Show More

He's sleeping now but I texted him asking what he would think of it.

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  • Go for it as long as he's not all worried about people makin fun of him. I don't think he should give a crap but then again lots of guys do care about it because there friends make fun of them. If he lieks you make em wear it lol. If you know there guna bug him make him wear it just for sh*ts and gigles

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    • Haha he does owe me, so maybe I should anyways.

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    • Ahh same here, I thumbs upped to make up for it?

    • Yea! that's better lol thnx